Monday, June 28, 2010


I was waiting for the lift at Mid Valley to head to my parking lot when a Chinese lady in her mid 50s who looked like one of those rich ladies arrived to wait for the lift as well. Then she started a conversation with me on the parking lot areas coz she couldn’t remember where she parked.

Then she wanted to know where I parked and if she could follow me. So I said ok though I was hesistant – she told me it looked familiar but she wasn’t sure where her car was so could I drive her there. I decided not to coz I’m not used to letting strangers into my car unless they are really in trouble or injured.

Now this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, I’ve had parents leave their kids with me and wander off at temples and even shops. So I wonder do I look trustworthy or just too innocent?

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's best not to let strangers into the house or car.

Even I remember giving a ride to an elderly Tamil lady from the temple; but afterwards thinking how silly it is to give rides to strangers.

Too many people who have fallen prey to theft and violence while being good hearted humans.


sabrina said...

Wow that just sounds creepy somehow...and you know how women nowadays act as accomplices as well so good decision in not wanting to let her into your car. I mean my point is, if you're too stoopid to remember where u parked your car, you probably shouldn't be trusted behind the wheel of one :p

Visithra said...

kajan : indeed thats what i thought - she was quite old but i really didnt want to risk it

saby : yeah was kinda weird - but she was kinda old so i was two minded on it - if someone young i would have flat refused - hehehe good point - but given ive gotten lost in midvalley when it first opened - i wont be surprised if she was telling the truth ;p