Monday, June 07, 2010


Over drinks on one of the evenings we were discussing about our respective countries and the conversation came down to corrupt cops and how ours were always asking for bribes. One of them asked us why we gave a bribe; which makes us as corrupt as they are.

Which is precisely right. Why bribe them when you were wrong in the first place. You’re not innocent, you did break the law, but the problem is you just don’t want to pay the higher fine rate so you give a bribe.

Why are the fines’ so expensive?

That’s because they don’t want you to break the law and if you go and settle them early you’ll even get a discount if you’re not a repeat offender.

So why are we complaining about corrupt cops when we’re so willing to bribe them?

We speed, drive on the shoulder of roads, run traffic lights, make illegal turnings and park as we wish and we complain when we’re stopped? How many of us are really innocent when we get stopped for traffic offences?

Personally I have never bribed a cop, though I have explained my actions and gotten off with a warning. All the other times, I settled my summons. So far in my 13 years of driving, I’ve received only 4 or 5 summonses even though there’s a police checkpoint somewhere in my area at least once a week. Everytime I was caught I was definitely guilty of breaking the law so perhaps it’s time we look at ourselves first before we call someone else corrupt.

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sabrina said...

Well said babes! I totally agree with you. People always fail to see the error in their onw actions...they'll bicth like mad about the cop who asked for the bribe but have selective amnesia to the fact that not two minutes ago they were driving like maniacs...drunk...and could have killed some innocent person on the road! Morons!

Visithra said...

exactly - they forget they were pulled over for making life threatening mistakes - its easy to blame others when the blame is on ourselves. own up to your actions - simple as that.