Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living Life

They say the best experiences are based on who you meet and travel with. I have to agree 100 percent. I had such an amazing time in SG not only because of the stuff we did but it was the people we were with. First up was our lovely tour guide Yusoff. The jokes that come out of him are just totally impossible. Just before going for a Thai Dance performance he showed us how you can know each race/ country economic position depends on their dance moves.

The Thai dance: the hands go in 3 and come out as four – in 3 out 4
The Chinese : Pull in a fist of 5 and let out a 2 fingered gesture – in 5 out 2
The Indians/ Malay: it goes in and out equally on both sides ;p

He has totally spoiled Thai dance for me, I kept remembering the quote go in 3 come out 4 throughout the performance ;p He kept repeating jokes throughout our trip on the bus or while we were waiting for anyone.

Interesting thing about him, he actually enjoys watching theatre, musicals and dance just not so much on contemporary. Everytime we came out of a performance, we’d all sit and discuss our views of the performance and also get him to give us his opinion. He also knew a lot of general information that’s not related to Singapore so on our short trips (there’s no traffic jams!) to different locations, we’d have a host of conversations going on.

Then we had the 12 of us which consisted of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Chinese and Malaysians. We did have one MIA guy who interestingly wasn’t from any of the countries above who kept saying he was waiting for us but was on neither of the 2 lobbys but finally joined us for lunch one day and then refused to join any of the events on the list. He kinda became our guy to use for jokes ;p

Sometimes when I go out to review a performance and start feeling WTH but notice a lot of people are cheering the performance/ dancer, I used to wonder am I being too critical. 

So it was such a relief to have everyone around to share their views, now I know I’m not over critical and the points I look at are relevant. It was also very refreshing to discuss the performances with people who truly enjoy dance. Our theme for the trip was – music is good! ;p you’ll understand when you read the reviews which have already been written but yet to be published by my editor.

We always made sure everyone was back on the bus and no one ever complained about the occasionally late person. And it is such a joy to see people genuinely enjoy life and show their youthful side.

On the last day together we were taken to the Malay heritage centre for a walkthrough of different Malay arts related to the Zapin. When they gave us this little map to collect stickers at all the places we stopped I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so diligent about it. Ah you could learn how to live life from them. 

And they were ever willing to try learning some of the steps to the Zapin and try out the costumes. The Silat showcase was the highlight of the day as we got to see some cool moves and short battles by the young kids. I’ve always felt silat has a dance touch to it and wouldn’t it be lovely if it was developed for a dance performance. I shall wish and wish.

That night after watching our last dance performance we decided to go colonial and stopped at the Raffless hotel bar to have the famous Singapore sling and since I don’t drink alcohol the waitress suggested the Virgin Sling which looks exactly the same minus the alcohol. Erm it was tad too sweet for me and I’m wondering why it came with an unripe pineapple!

Ah but the hotel and atmosphere is quite nice. We sat down talked and had a good time before we walked back to our hotel. Thank god it was a nice night for a walk. Lovely make absolutely perfect company. Now to make sure we stay in touch.

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Monday, June 28, 2010


I was waiting for the lift at Mid Valley to head to my parking lot when a Chinese lady in her mid 50s who looked like one of those rich ladies arrived to wait for the lift as well. Then she started a conversation with me on the parking lot areas coz she couldn’t remember where she parked.

Then she wanted to know where I parked and if she could follow me. So I said ok though I was hesistant – she told me it looked familiar but she wasn’t sure where her car was so could I drive her there. I decided not to coz I’m not used to letting strangers into my car unless they are really in trouble or injured.

Now this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, I’ve had parents leave their kids with me and wander off at temples and even shops. So I wonder do I look trustworthy or just too innocent?

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Friday, June 25, 2010

One year :(

Sigh a year has gone by - still missing you MJ ;((( 

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight Here One Day Gone One Night

Like A Sunset Dying With The Rising Of The Moon

Gone Too Soon….gone too soon….

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1895 - 2010

Pudu jail

When I was younger, if my dad couldn’t drop us at one of our classes in KL, we had to take the bus into town as we live on the outskirts of KL. In those days we had to use the Tong Fong bus which was an aircondless bus that was usually rusty in look and rickety in feel. Despite its look, weirdly I have fond memories of riding those buses as it was an adventure of sorts that took us from our town through 3 other towns before we finally reached KL so the journey itself will take us about 2 hours.

We would sit at the back of the bus and see how far off the seat we will be thrown of when the driver goes through a pothole or one of those speed breaks. They never slowed down and it used to be so fun to jump in your seat so we would make sure we sat on the seats just above the tyres of the bus to get lifted off higher than the other seats. Every time we got tossed we would fall ball laughing our heads off much to the amusement of the other passengers who are usually irritated by the tossing.


Back then the bus will enter KL through Pudu and pass by Pudu Jail. Maybe I was a weird kid but I looked forward to seeing the Pudu Jail walls. For one, it meant the end of our journey but it was more than that. There was something weirdly serene about the place even when there used to be guards stationed at the main gates and towers holding their rifles to guard the prisoners.

Perhaps it was the mural painted by the inmates – it was a simple yet a beautiful work of art. To me it had always felt like the arms of the city were welcoming us with its lush green scenery painted arms that seemed like a tattoo distinct to the city.

Last night the walls were demolished bit by bit as excavators tore through the wall. Gone is the familiar green now faded with time, gone are those walls that once used to openly welcome people into its city warmly but with a warning – here’s where you’ll end up if you pursue criminal activities.

I never get why we’re so intent on demolishing our history to create buildings that are devoid of character or significance. Do we really need another shopping mall? We could have turned it into an art centre!
The new generation may not understand the significance of history but that’s not what I would expect from the administration. At least preserve parts of the wall and its structure, even if it has to be moved. Let us not lose our history to the rumble of “development.”

I said my goodbyes on Sunday as I made a quick stop to visit the wall and watched people go by. It still feels serene today just as I had felt when I was a child riding on a bus to KL.

I sincerely hope the ghosts of Pudu continue to haunt the place that no one is left peaceful but by then it would be too late to bring back what has turned into dust.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only me

Ah I had such an adventure the other day – I left my purse in the office and only realised it when I stopped to get a Subway and found no money. My usual extra stash of cash was also not there, all I had was 20 sing dollars from my trip last week. 

Coincidentally I was parked in front of 2 money changers and weighing my choices I decided I’ll risk being embarrassed and try to change the money instead of heading back to the office. The people were life savers and said no problem and gave me my change. 

Heheh only me only me people – I’m probably the only person who can get into such situations! ;p 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a game!

Finally some nerve wrecking football. We all underestimated the North Koreans - wow but did they show us. 

First half was so frustrating, the N defense was impregnable - so many shots nearly made it but on close inspection you'd see the NKs dashed it away! argg It was just amazing how they got the balls away and they had 2 ppl on each of the brazilian players everytime they went near the goal post. 

Then Maicon saves the day with that amazing goal, whoa between the goal post n keeper n the way that ball curved in - wow wow wow. 

All three goals were pretty interesting with the NK goal coming in as a surprise though i was half expecting Jong Tae-Se to score - amazing player there. 

i do hope PKR make it to the second round - they make the game interesting ;) Will be cheering for them as long as its not against Brazil ;p

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Viva Brazil

In case you've forgotten who I support - woohooo in a few more hours ;) Ole Ole Ole!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm a prude!

What is with exhibitionists in gym locker rooms?

I mean do you really need to parade yourself au natural? I understand some who do a quick change or you’re walking around in your undies which is just like being at the beach but there are some really interesting characters that leave you gobsmacked.

One time there was this gal who was sitting and having a conversation with her friend and then suddenly decided to take of her top off and stand there chatting all topless. She continued being topless even after I had changed and left so the friend was actually talking to a pair of breasts. Now there’s 1 thing I noticed with the nude ladies, they’re usually slim and don’t really have assets. And those assets look pretty sad, i mean if you had a really nice body i could appreciate the beauty of it.

So why am I looking? It’s impossible not to look when someone is undressing in front of you, if I turn it’s gonna be super obvious! So all I can do is slowly look away.

The worst case happened last week. I walked in to find a gal sitting on the sofa fully naked. My eyes must have popped out coz that was the very moment she looked up and then she wouldn’t stop staring. She took some time before she decided to wear her cloths while I was waiting for a changing room to be free. And trust me they were all Malaysians. Wear some cloths ppl or head to nudist beachesla. Spare poor old prudish ppl like me pls.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here and there

Sigh - there was supposed to be another post here - but i don't have the file with me at the moment. Sigh feeling so pulled and busy and this is supposed to be the free time i set so i could watch the World Cup! ;p

God bless me when it gets crazy soon.

I finally got a copy of the magazine I was featured it - to read the copy and see the photos from the production day and me (yes me) please head to V-Eyez Imagery. I'm expecting the copies to run first coz everyone seems to be getting a cop and loads of ppl have been featured in this issue - including ppl i used to know. I kinda got a revelation reading one of the articles. One of my friends got the last 2 copies at Popular! ;p

For the first time the blog doesn't go ala Brazil for the world cup as i have no heart to remove MJ from the header plus his first aniv is coming up ;( Sigh missing you lots

The most exciting game so far has been the England vs USA game for all the blunders - ah Green you were awesome! You can always expect england to provide the entertainment ;p

I can't wait for Brazil to play!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Feeling blessed

faces 0610

Remember I said you can never guess the thing that i never thought i’d wear ? well if you’re on FB or Twitter, by now you’d have known the cat’s out of the bag – it was a wedding gown! Heheh and no i’m not getting married.

I’ve been featured together with 9 amazing ladies for Faces Magazine’s Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers. The whole thing was a whirlwind of events, questions, sorting and more. Imagine having to choose only 10 favourite photos? I had to narrow down the list from about 60 – 70 absolute fav shots! I do love the 4 shot’s they’ve featured, so me ;)

Oh dear the wedding gown experience was nerve wrecking, it’s just ive never been a fan of wedding gowns since i absolutely love sarees. I was so tempted to ask them if i could wear a saree! But i figured they had a theme though i was so flabbergasted and shocked from the moment i heard “we’re putting you in a wedding gown!”

I have yet to see the magazine since its freaking illusive! So i’ll leave you with a shot of my page. Will be posting up photos from the shoot, my self portrait and more soon. I must say i’m feeling blessed and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The dude at the top always has perfect timing, if only he could balance out life for me and not always throw me from both ends of the pendulum – the ride from hell to heaven and back isn’t fun i tell ya!

Thanks everyone for the support, trust and wishes.

If anyone gets the magazine in the next few days, please do let me know where you found it (in the klang valley) – i want 1! Or 2 or more hhehee

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Monday, June 07, 2010


Over drinks on one of the evenings we were discussing about our respective countries and the conversation came down to corrupt cops and how ours were always asking for bribes. One of them asked us why we gave a bribe; which makes us as corrupt as they are.

Which is precisely right. Why bribe them when you were wrong in the first place. You’re not innocent, you did break the law, but the problem is you just don’t want to pay the higher fine rate so you give a bribe.

Why are the fines’ so expensive?

That’s because they don’t want you to break the law and if you go and settle them early you’ll even get a discount if you’re not a repeat offender.

So why are we complaining about corrupt cops when we’re so willing to bribe them?

We speed, drive on the shoulder of roads, run traffic lights, make illegal turnings and park as we wish and we complain when we’re stopped? How many of us are really innocent when we get stopped for traffic offences?

Personally I have never bribed a cop, though I have explained my actions and gotten off with a warning. All the other times, I settled my summons. So far in my 13 years of driving, I’ve received only 4 or 5 summonses even though there’s a police checkpoint somewhere in my area at least once a week. Everytime I was caught I was definitely guilty of breaking the law so perhaps it’s time we look at ourselves first before we call someone else corrupt.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Travel and sorts

I haven’t been to Singapore since I was 10 – yes that’s about 20 years. I never went back coz I never had a reason to and was more interested in travelling across the rest of Asia although I’ve always wanted to see the museums and art festivals I hear so much about.

So I was quite happy to head there to review a few performances in the annual Singapore Arts Fest on the invitation of the organisers. Of course me being me I would always have glitches and somehow they booked me on the wrong dates and I only realised the error the day before the flight. Thank god I work in the centre of KL coz I managed to get my tickets during lunch time.

Since I live in between KL and KLIA I decided to try a new mode of transport this time. I got a cab to the Putrajaya ERL station and took a transit train to the airport. Now the ERL has a direct train from KL Sentral to KLIA and a transit train that stops in 4 places. It’s much slower but very convenient.

Oh I met another cabbie who knew me. I'm surprised coz again he was a malay uncle. I’m just wondering how famous I am in my town and it must be good stuff since he gave me a discounted price and he’s even quoted me a nice price for a trip to KLIA. I hope it’s the same price for LCCT will find out in the 3rd quarter of the year ;)

I also checked in online so I got to choose my seats before hand, should have done that on the way back but forgot all about it so i got stuck in a middle seat between 2 funky smelling people. I hadn’t been to KLIA for sometime so it was nice to see it again. I was flying by Silkair, they have lovely uniforms and were quite sweet.

Now the funny thing is we arrived in Singapore 10 minutes early but got down only 10 - 15 minutes later because they couldn’t fit the connecting bridge to the air craft. Given the last minute change of time and date, I was worried the person who was supposed to pick me up would have left by the time I got out. So the moment I got out and saw the uncle holding my name card I apologised and he told me it was probably because 3 flights arrived at the same time!

I love talking to drivers, they always have lovely stories and ideas. I asked him about the oil slick and he pointed out the different developments and things that were going on around the country. Singapore is constantly in construction, I was told.


Arrived at Marina Mandarin and noticed the concierge staff had lovely costumes. Lol i’m always looking at what people wear. The hotel is pretty nice but their registration and checking out usually takes 10 – 15 minutes per person. I still don’t get why though. I kinda blinked for a minute when I was told they needed SG 400 deposit for the minibar! The thing is since my whole time was going to be with the program, I had only brought that much of money since I wasn’t planning to shop (not that I had time). Even though I only used around SG 60 for the whole trip, I was still panicking till I finally found time to change money on the third day. Imagine I was walking around with just SG 20 for 3 days because of that deposit! ;p


The hotel is quite pretty but I feel that the overall look sometimes feels like the 80s but there’s art all over the place and if you look at this photo – don’t you think it looks like a praying mantis? Also because of the sky roof, sunlight lights most of the main interior. The first day at breakfast I realised there were birds chirping and immediately assumed it was a recording and so did the rest of the group. During our last dinner together, one of them mentioned a funny story.

Him: you know those birds chirping, well it got kinda loud one morning while I was shooting an interview. So I asked one of the staff if he could turn down the volume only to get a bewildered look from him. Apparently the chirping wasn’t recorded; the birds are in cages on the 5th floor! I was so embarrassed.

We: what??? We thought it was fake too.
Him: Now I feel better that I wasn’t the only nutcase! ;p

Yeah they have live birds that chirp throughout the day and in some rooms they can actually hear the birds waking them up in the morning ;p Besides the huge chandeliers, they had orchids in test tubes that were attached to huge branches like an orchid plant.


My room had a view of Suntec  City and had a lovely tub. The bathroom is usually the first thing I check when I get into a hotel room. I come from the land who loves tubs ;p Totally hated the pillows (too soft), it gave me sleepless nights and neck pain.  

I developed a very weird habit of stumbling out of bed in the morning and walking to the balcony all blur during my stay. Weird. 

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