Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strangers in my life

Have you ever wondered about the person who takes the bus at about the same time you do? Or the aunty you buy your breakfast from? Or the grocer that you frequent every now and then. Do you think about the place you used to have lunch at after you’ve left the job?

These are the strangers in our lives. People we know yet don’t know. We probably stike a conversation with them everyone now and then about the terribly hot weather, or the latest movie but most times we remain strangers familiar by situation.

I eat out a lot due to my work and the location of my house. Over the years I’ve developed a familiarty with some of the strangers in my life. We have conversations every now and then, and while its nothing meaning full it’s a comfy feeling to speak to a familiar face. I often wonder about these people. When they go missing, I worry that something has happened to them. It’s not because I won’t have my fav food anymore, it just feels like I’ve lost a part of me.

I just found out Uncle Eddie is no more.

Some of you in the Klang Valley may know him. He’s the smiley old man behind the Eddie’s Wok at the centre food court in Mid Valley. I think I’ve known him for a few years, I stumbled into his shop one day trying to find an alternative vegetarian option. He promised me he could make me something vegetarian and he did even though it wasn’t on the menu.

Every now and then uncle and I would have a conversation on nothing. Sometimes it was about his shop, sometimes about long hours of work or the weather. Even if I wasn’t buying from him I’d wave a hi and get back a toothy smile.

A few weeks ago I saw a young boy at his shop. Yesterday I saw the boy again and decided to ask where uncle was. The boy, his nephew shocked me with the news of uncles passing. He had had a heart attack.

The fears I’ve had for years finally came true. Gone was someone who I hadn’t know but I did know. Its hard to explain why I feel sad but I do. There’s really nothing I can do but say uncle you will be missed.
To the strangers in my life, one day if you’re gone, know that I will miss your familiar face.

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sabrina said...

There are some days when i prefer strangers to some of the morons i have in my life


Visithra said...

lol so true n dont forget the ones who think they know everything about u ;p