Monday, May 31, 2010



Whew what a trip it has been. Just got back from Singapore yesterday. Watched some shows, met some amazing people, had the worlds best guide, got entertained with super funny jokes, it took all of us 5 days to figure out the birds chirping during breakfast in our hotel were actual live birds and not a recording (heheh), it took me another day to actually find those birds, managed to overcome some setbacks, blinked at the RM 1000 ringgit plus plus advance the hotel wanted for the minibar, visited some amazing museums, visited the interiors and back-stage of some amazing buildings which are closed to the public ;p, i’m now 100 percent confident everytime i dislike a performance i’m normal and not just critical, if another 10 ppl don’t like it how wrong can you be? ;p

Anyways I shall write more later when i find the time, for now enjoy these few shots. 

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sabrina said...

RM1000 for a mini bar???? Jeez!! Where did you stay?? A palace ah???

Oh and babe what is the building in the 1st shot??? It is just gorgeous! Don't recall ever seeing it in singapore

Visithra said...

it was a 100 sg per day - i mean if i cleared everything inside the mini bar it still wouldnt come to that amount - plus we were guests of the organiser - marina mandarin - ive stayed more than 10 days in a few 5 star hotels n none have asked me for more than RM 200

oh that building is amazing we got to go inside n take a tour - its the supreme court - quite a prominent building