Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On a World Cup diet ;p

I blame Nag for this post, he just had to post a query on the 1998 World Cup Song and I went on a hunt for World Cup ads and songs - so heres a few ;) Anyway its much better to listen to the old songs then this years crappy ones - sorry shakira thats one lame song.

The english version ;p

This is so funny ;p

i love this new ad in support of africa ;)

And here's the three (yes three) weird 2010 world cup songs. I'm sticking to Ricky martin's cup of life.

Next time can we have ppl who really love football compose the songs??? pls pretty pls?

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sabrina said...

OMG ya la babes. So so bad!!

I feel so embarassed for shakira...what was she thinking??

And akon's one is just lame!!! I mean did u listen to the lyrics! LOL!!!

Visithra said...

hehhe tell me about it - n i love shakira - ish ish

lol i have no more comments on those songsla - aiyoo