Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elo ;p

Baby toes Together I wan Light and water

Phew long time since I wrote here, it’s just been a crazy few months, lot’s of new things happening, lots of new commitments and work.

There’s been a lot of things happening on the photography side which I try to duly update and more in the works. It’s a blessed feeling to be able to experience all that I am going through at the moment. Updates on those will be done on V-Eyez, including all my new photos so subscribe to the blog or my facebook page and go over there to find out more. Psst, there will be an interesting news coming up next month ;) it has been a whirl world time preparing for it – including having to wear something I never expected to EVER wear.


I’m also heading to Singapore next week so anyone reading here from lion land who would like to meet – email me visithra(@) I will also be available to discuss photography ventures. I’m pretty glad I’m heading there at this moment though I’m gonna be super busy – as I’m actually going for the Singapore Arts Fest and they’ve lined up so many things for us. Since I haven’t been to Singapore since I was 10 this should be an eye opener.

It was also a sad time been attending one funeral after the other, I’ll write on that later.

Attended a few talks and will be attending a few more workshops in the coming days. So time is just flying over here. Take care and catch you guys in the next post.

Beautiful Prayers

Oh here’s a shout out to all those people googling my name and spending time over here – hello ;) come and say hi – I’m nice ;)

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sabrina said...

Hmmmm....something ou never ever expected to wear....

A thong??


*runs away*

Visithra said...

lol hehehe that can happen any time ;p this one hehe not sure anyone can guess ;p