Monday, May 31, 2010



Whew what a trip it has been. Just got back from Singapore yesterday. Watched some shows, met some amazing people, had the worlds best guide, got entertained with super funny jokes, it took all of us 5 days to figure out the birds chirping during breakfast in our hotel were actual live birds and not a recording (heheh), it took me another day to actually find those birds, managed to overcome some setbacks, blinked at the RM 1000 ringgit plus plus advance the hotel wanted for the minibar, visited some amazing museums, visited the interiors and back-stage of some amazing buildings which are closed to the public ;p, i’m now 100 percent confident everytime i dislike a performance i’m normal and not just critical, if another 10 ppl don’t like it how wrong can you be? ;p

Anyways I shall write more later when i find the time, for now enjoy these few shots. 

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elo ;p

Baby toes Together I wan Light and water

Phew long time since I wrote here, it’s just been a crazy few months, lot’s of new things happening, lots of new commitments and work.

There’s been a lot of things happening on the photography side which I try to duly update and more in the works. It’s a blessed feeling to be able to experience all that I am going through at the moment. Updates on those will be done on V-Eyez, including all my new photos so subscribe to the blog or my facebook page and go over there to find out more. Psst, there will be an interesting news coming up next month ;) it has been a whirl world time preparing for it – including having to wear something I never expected to EVER wear.


I’m also heading to Singapore next week so anyone reading here from lion land who would like to meet – email me visithra(@) I will also be available to discuss photography ventures. I’m pretty glad I’m heading there at this moment though I’m gonna be super busy – as I’m actually going for the Singapore Arts Fest and they’ve lined up so many things for us. Since I haven’t been to Singapore since I was 10 this should be an eye opener.

It was also a sad time been attending one funeral after the other, I’ll write on that later.

Attended a few talks and will be attending a few more workshops in the coming days. So time is just flying over here. Take care and catch you guys in the next post.

Beautiful Prayers

Oh here’s a shout out to all those people googling my name and spending time over here – hello ;) come and say hi – I’m nice ;)

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Balloon Frenzy

Hello there ;)

This is a long overdue post just didn't have time to post it up.

I spent a few months back chasing balloons, visiting people, working and attending weddings. Let’s leave the rest and talk about the hot air balloons.

Last year for the first time ever, the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival was organised which made me super happy coz I’ve always loved hot air balloons. I think it has something to do with fire. Anyway I told myself last year, if they had it again I would go more than once. That’s what I did this year.

On Saturday morning I dragged myself out of bed at ungodly hour. No matter how much I’m looking forward to something, trust me, I will always hate waking up early! ;p

When I got there, I realised the star attraction Darth Vader was already landing on the other side of the river. Darth definitely looked nice but erm he was like a black blob in the sky. The skies were also adamant at looking as dull as possible, so I decided not to shoot darth and went looking for the more colourful ones.

I wanted to see where the balloons landed, so with one eye on the skies and another on the amazing roads of Putrajaya, I looked on ways to get as close as possible to the balloons. En route I saw a bunch of paragliders getting ready to lift off and stopped to get some shots ;p

Buzzing off

Anyway sometime later I turned into an area that seemed to be a haven for the balloons. Only problem they were all in private guarded residential areas, I even found one balloon stuck in between the buildings of a school.

Just a distance away I saw 2 balloons landing on a strip of empty land and another flying just right above my head. So I shot that guy with the smiley beady eyes balloon and followed it on foot across the road. Here’s how he landed ;p what fun ;p

I ran back to the other spot to check out the packing process. It’s pretty complicated. First they placed the basket with the balloon still in it on the truck, then the slowly released the air and folded the balloon. This took a lot of time and energy.

Satisfied with my find and photos, I headed back home only to find another balloon stuck between a few apartments. I imagine the residents had a interesting conversation.


Son: Mom there’s something yellow blocking over window.
Mom: Don’t be silly …. Oh dear what is that????

Now after that I realised I was in an unfamiliar part of Putrajaya and I was running low on petrol. I live 10 mins away from the land of no petrol stations, so I thought I wouldn’t need to fill up my tank.

Spot the face

(see if you can spot the face ;p)
Little did I know that the wonderful signboards will lead me on a wild goose chase. Instead of heading back to the centre of town, I followed the signboards that showed the supposed way back home.

Note to self: never ever follow signboards in Putrajaya.

Seriously they were ridiculous; the worse one was these 2 signboards next to each other that I spotted from a distance. The first one said KL left Kajang right while the second said KL right Kajang left. Thank god there were no cars behind me coz I ended up slowing down to figure out my way. Only upon close inspection did I realise one was for the motorcycle lane!!!

A moment

So I drove and drove and drove through weird parts and winding roads that I never knew existed. Finally I found what seemed like a highway with a little Petronas station below it. Surprisingly the station was crowded as they were a crowd of people taking part in a car treasure hunt. I think the station was one of their stops.

I finally ended up home after circling for half an hour.


I had wanted to check out one of the evening sessions but I was hesistant coz of the bigger crowds that turn up in the evening but unexpected events made me decided not to since the whole day became a bit too busy there after. I ended up driving to cheras to visit an uncle in the hospital, and then had a late lunch (one of the few places I have fried rice) near my old working place before heading to ampang for some work and back home in the later part of the evening.


Anyway the next morning, I got up super early again to head to the grounds of Putrajaya to shoot the balloons lifting off. Sadly they only opened the gates after a few of the balloons had flown away for reasons none of us could comprehend. Of course once the gates were finally opened the overzealous photogs starting pushing people. I mean you’ve waited for so long, can’t you wait for a few seconds, had to actually sound a few of them before they relented and stopped pushing.

The skies were still a dull grey, so I decided to stick to close ups of the balloon and its wild colours and chuck of the skies. This time I did not get zinged by the fire like last year ;p but I did get some variety of shots, since I now know what to work with.

I do wish we had more time though I do believe this may have something to do with someone controlling how much time other photographers get to shoot. 

The rest of the photos will be posted on my photography site soon.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On a World Cup diet ;p

I blame Nag for this post, he just had to post a query on the 1998 World Cup Song and I went on a hunt for World Cup ads and songs - so heres a few ;) Anyway its much better to listen to the old songs then this years crappy ones - sorry shakira thats one lame song.

The english version ;p

This is so funny ;p

i love this new ad in support of africa ;)

And here's the three (yes three) weird 2010 world cup songs. I'm sticking to Ricky martin's cup of life.

Next time can we have ppl who really love football compose the songs??? pls pretty pls?

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strangers in my life

Have you ever wondered about the person who takes the bus at about the same time you do? Or the aunty you buy your breakfast from? Or the grocer that you frequent every now and then. Do you think about the place you used to have lunch at after you’ve left the job?

These are the strangers in our lives. People we know yet don’t know. We probably stike a conversation with them everyone now and then about the terribly hot weather, or the latest movie but most times we remain strangers familiar by situation.

I eat out a lot due to my work and the location of my house. Over the years I’ve developed a familiarty with some of the strangers in my life. We have conversations every now and then, and while its nothing meaning full it’s a comfy feeling to speak to a familiar face. I often wonder about these people. When they go missing, I worry that something has happened to them. It’s not because I won’t have my fav food anymore, it just feels like I’ve lost a part of me.

I just found out Uncle Eddie is no more.

Some of you in the Klang Valley may know him. He’s the smiley old man behind the Eddie’s Wok at the centre food court in Mid Valley. I think I’ve known him for a few years, I stumbled into his shop one day trying to find an alternative vegetarian option. He promised me he could make me something vegetarian and he did even though it wasn’t on the menu.

Every now and then uncle and I would have a conversation on nothing. Sometimes it was about his shop, sometimes about long hours of work or the weather. Even if I wasn’t buying from him I’d wave a hi and get back a toothy smile.

A few weeks ago I saw a young boy at his shop. Yesterday I saw the boy again and decided to ask where uncle was. The boy, his nephew shocked me with the news of uncles passing. He had had a heart attack.

The fears I’ve had for years finally came true. Gone was someone who I hadn’t know but I did know. Its hard to explain why I feel sad but I do. There’s really nothing I can do but say uncle you will be missed.
To the strangers in my life, one day if you’re gone, know that I will miss your familiar face.

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