Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save our tigers


It's the year of the tiger but the majestic tiger population is on the decline. 

Did you know? 
There are probably more tigers on the shelves of pharmacies and medicine stores than in forests as tigers are widely hunted and every single part of their bodies is dissected for use in traditional Asian medicine. Tiger bones, believed to contain high medicinal properties, are popular on the black market in Asia.  

Only an estimated 490 tigers remain in the wild jungles of peninsular Malaysia which accounts to 1/6 of the total tiger population left in the world! In 12 years time the year of the tiger may just be a year celebrating an extinct animal! 

So let's save our tigers! You can participate in this nationwide blog campaign through this site. 

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d'enricher said...


Just visiting due to the Tiger Blogfest 2010. I am worried by the time I complete my Drop By Marathon, the Tiger would really be extinct.

Some say its about 600, others 500, now its 490 ... that is serious.

Anyway very nice photo.

All the best.

Your site is #51 of 115.

sabrina said...

Love the picture

You know i've been planning on adopting a tiger for years now....hope to get a big big mansin and house as many tigers as posible...i think they're just sch majestic creatures....hopefully they're not gone by then :(

geeth said...

Wow! Great picture. Looked liek you were in the water, in front of teh tiger, to take the snap ;)

Visithra said...

d'enricher - thanks for dropping by - hopefully we made a difference though sadly i doubt it

saby : thanks - lol i think it may be illegal to do so - unless u pay for a legit zoo to look after them

geeth : thanks hehe its a really old shot ;)

ashok said...

great snap...