Friday, April 02, 2010


I hate it when I procure service from people and they put it aside because they think they can buy time. The reason people plan early is so they don’t have to waste time and ended up in a problem. I hate it even more when other people think its okay for them to do so.

My car road tax expired on Friday. So I had gotten my mom to call the insurance agent on Monday to get everything done. Now I had been contemplating going with her or with another place which was actually giving me a 10 percent discount but decided on her since I’ve been using her service for a few years now.

Friday arrives and just as I was rushing for a meeting in the afternoon, she gives me a call to say I have an outstanding summon and the bank won’t release it without me settling it.

First reaction, huh you haven’t done everything yet?

She tells me oh the bank just told her, they had been applying since Tuesday. Now this was pure bull, before this she has given me my road tax in just 2 days when I had applied just a day before. But this time she had only called me on Wednesday to confirm the details.

Still I told her just get the summons paid for me and I’ll pass you the money. Then she tells me she can’t as her usual contact is not available. That’s when I got pissed, and she kept insisting it was the banks fault.

So on Saturday morning I had to rush to kl and get the summons cleared. Now the interesting thing is when i check my summons status via sms – there’s nothing under my ic no. So people make sure you go and check if you have such unreliable agents.

Monday morning I call her up to tell her everythings been settled – please get my things cleared. Now Monday was crazy i couldn’t use my moms car, so had to wake up really early to get a lift from the brother to midtown and then take a train to work. But it was a crazy day and i had a regional dinner to attend in the evening.

That evening I call her up to check on the status and she tells me its not ready. Pissed i told her off, why the hell does it take you a week to get the things done? Her first excuse we gave it on Tuesday only. Pure bull since I still have a miss call from her on Monday.

Then she tells me it’s not my fault you have summons. I told her yes but i had no idea i had one either and thats also why i gave it to you a week earlier so you can check and tell me in due time not at the last minute!

I’m the one running around without a car because of your lack of professionalism. The thing is i haven’t even started screaming at her and all this was said as softly as possible since i was at the restaurant waiting for the rest to arrive. Dinner ends at 10.40pm, that too because we slipped out since i had to take the train. There was no way I could have left earlier since it’s an important event. But by the time my colleague dropped me at the nearest train station it was 11.30 and I decided to just take a cab.

Thankfully the cabbie was a nice old man and we had a good chat discussing the ruthless cabbies from my area. Apparently their notoriety is well known among the cabbies.

Why the heck do i have to go through all this hassle coz of one incompetent person? Not enough she doesn’t call me to give me a status on Tuesday, instead i had to get someone at home to call her as I am sure I would have screamed at her by then. Apparently it was ready but the physical copy will only reach me on Wednesday!

Worse part my family thinks I was too rude to her. What the hell? So its okay for her to put me through hassle but not for me to tell her off?

The thing is I have a feeling this problem started because my mom renewed her car with another family friend just to give them business and i think this upset this agent and she’s showing it on me. I relinquished a discount because she used to be so reliable and now i regret doing that. Though my family will not agree, since it took them 3 years to believe that our once family mechanic was giving me the cold shoulders thanks to badmouthing by a relative of ours.  

Just because I know someone, does it mean I have to grit my teeth and allow them to walk over me and be nice? Where’s the apology for the delay they caused me?

Well too bad, she ain’t getting a payment from me till she personally calls me for it and apologises. Otherwise she’s gonna get an earful from me. And I’m definitely not going to use her service anymore.

I’ve said it here before, I hate bad service. I’ll rather pay more or go to a less fancy and even not the best place if their service is better.

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sabrina said...

What a biatch! Babe give us her details so that we never use her services as well!

Anonymous said...

I stopped going through agents from day 1 I got my car - and if you look at it, it is not difficult to do it all by yourself.

Of course having the insurance company office and JPJ branch nearby helps a lot and you need to take a day off but at least you are sure things get done on time and as required.

gina said...

I think you can try renew online now using myeg. I heard it's quite fuss free.

Or you can use this other service called, easy renew at

Most of my friends are using online now.. and it's fuss free.. and road tax delivered to your door step!

Visithra said...

saby - shes based here n my little town - dont think anyone who reads the blog will use her

balajoe - grrr i know - i do my license with myeg - well lesson learn - im getting the discount next year n getting the road tax with myeg

gina : yeah i use them to do my license - its just that its coz we know them n we give them biz - theyve been good so far - until now - dah banyak duit kot

so thats what ill do next year