Thursday, April 08, 2010

Did I?

I was standing at the Ananthapura Temple in Kasaragod, Kerala surrounded by the stark beauty of this interesting temple. When you first encounter the temple all you see is a hut like roof on the ground. Only when you walk down the stairs do you realise the temple is below ground in what appears to be a pond like foundation and the temple itself is surrounded by a moot.

Legend has it you will be able to see a crocodile during the rainy season, alas when we were there it was dried up. Even with all that dull grey mud the temple was stunning and so peaceful.

Since we were the only ones inside the temple, I started singing a few Thyagaraja kritis for Anantha Pathmanathar. As I finished I turned back to find a couple standing right behind us with a young toddler looking at us. They smile back at us and we returned the smile. I was a bit conscious as in Kerala everyone can sing. I had only sung that loud coz the temple was empty.

The priest wanted our address so I started jotting down and the guy peeked at my address and strikes a conversation with me.

Him: You’re Malaysian?
Me: Yes
Him: you sing very well, do you do kutcheris?
me: thanks (blushing) – sometimes but not more than an hour.
Him: that’s nice keep up the good work.
me: thanks

And I quickly left, sometimes I feel uncomfortable with praise ;p

Anyway that was in May 2006. Few months back I was watching one of the Indian Awards Show and I got shocked for a second. The guy I had spoken to was being introduced on stage as Vijay Anthony – the music director.

Just to make sure, I googled his name, photos, and read a few interviews. I’m nearly 90 percent sure it was him. My mom thinks so too.

So did a music director praise my singing? Whoa I so badly want to know coz that would have been an honour. It was already a big thing to get praised in Kerala, a land that amazes me with the depth of its talents. To think it might have been a music director.

So I tried his website to send an email but there’s an error there. Anyone who reads this blog knows him?

Or maybe I should source a backdoor pass to his concert in KL this month? Hummm ;p

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Anonymous said...

Music director Vijay Antony's mobile number - 98414 26111

D Govardan

Anu said...

Wow, that was a lovely compliment to get! Way to go!

Visithra said...

erm thanks anon but no not calling him

anu : yeah it was - thats y i still remember it ;p ok i remember most of the compliments ive gotten ;p heheh

still_figuring_out said...

hehe..nice going, Visi.

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

sitiaishah salim said...


Go for it girlll.And somebody provided you his number too.

sabrina said...

I insist you give us a performance during our next bloggers' gathering!

Visithra said...

thanks still ;)

mr lonely - ah ure a human spammer

siti ;) heheh lets seela - oooh dowanna call - like invading privacy only

saby: lol erm erm - i think im gonna be busy then ;p