Thursday, March 04, 2010


Everytime I head to the South of India, we would go to Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai. The latter as it’s our family temple and town but the former for it being on the way and that I absolutely love the Kanchi Kamatchi Temple and the Ekambareswarar temple.

sunbathing elephant Disbelief? Concentration peekaboo 
We’d head out of Chennai at 5 in the morning and arrive around 7 am just in time for abhishegam and prayers at Kanchi Kamatchi.

We’d get garlands for devi and somehow we’d get to go into the main sannidi for a good darshan and kunkuma archanai.

A prayer Framed Thinker lost Vanakkam 

This time around we got to meet the head priest who actually asked us to stay for the evening full moon prayers but we had wanted to head to Annamalai and if you read this you’d have realised our folly.

We went around walking around the temple, watched the elephants having their morning bath and sat people watching while I shot them.


That’s where I met this kid, she realised I was shooting her and decided to pose. Next up we headed to Ekambareswarar temple. It’s one of the pancha bootha temples – earth. This is one of the few temples that are not run by the government. It has its pros and cons. Over here they struggle with finances. I wrote about it a long time ago. Over at Chidambaram – the temple is run by a bunch of useless crooks. I’ll write on that later.

Ekambarar Meditation  working 

I love sitting in the centre courtyard of the temple near the tree and singing. The current tree is a sapling from the original tree. They cut down the other tree as its roots were on the verge of damaging the temple. 

Anyway we were sitting down there singing when a man came around handing out a thirumurai book to selected people. He picked the ones who were praying and not the ones sitting and resting. From the book we gathered he was a rich dude spreading the thrimurai message.

Nandi light 

After sitting there we went out to sit near the nandi. The temple has really nice architecture, so I was busy taking photos of it and the people walking around.

Potrait of a thinker

We finally headed for breakfast around 10 am before my mom insisted on going to Varadarajar Perumal temple. Now that’s one of the temples I dislike going because of the queues, rowdy staff and devotees and the fact that the moment you finally reach the front, they chase you off – jalti jalti. So after one or 2 visits I’ll stop going there.


Anyway I told mom I’m not coming in and walked around outside taking photos. Then I sat down near the flagstaff waiting for mom while watching the devotees walk by. Everyone had a different expression there, some would look up and pray, some would burn champor and most would kneel down.

or at Ground Level? in touch? is God above? I LOVE sodahpotti kannadis* Who likes coconut?? hummm devotion I don't like you either kanchipuram kanchipuram  kanchipuram 

Once mom got back we headed out for our drive to Thiruvannamalai.

kanchipuramConcentration kanchipuram  kanchipuram kanchipuram kanchipuram kanchipuram  kanchipuram kanchipuram kanchipuram kanchipuramkanchipuram kanchipuram 
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Philip Chew said...

Nice photography :))

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Nice is the understatement of the century!


Loved the one of the kid...quite the 'supermodel' huh? LOL!

Anonymous said...

wonderful snaps.

Visithra said...

thanks philip ;)

saby : thanks dear ;) yeah me thinks future model too ;p

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