Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gifts from Chola


Darasuram was the next chola temple we visited. I fell in love with the place. We had arrived earlier than the usual afternoon opening hours. As we were circling finding the place (the driver we had knew very little places – I was directing him most of the time)

Silk Weaver

As we were looking for the place, we bumped into a man who invited us to come and see how sarees are weaved. I had missed doing this in Kanchipuram. So I accepted his offer on the condition he wouldn’t bug me to buy something. He said okay and we stepped into his lovely house and showed us the process before we sat down to see some of the sarees.

In prayer  lady

The quality wasn’t as good as I would have hoped but I was pretty surprised by the prices he was quoting. Neither did he have the colour I was and still am looking for! So we said goodbye and headed to the temple.

Curious Lion waiting Evening  Siva shakti Nandi Dance temple curious

I loved the huge trees around the temple and the amazing light that day. The architecture is just simple stunning. This to me was grander than thanjore every inch of the wall was carved. The light outside was just stunning!

Seeking I'm 77 Poser Leaving In Between  Moving chariot  Sculpture Peeking light  Bell Towering


Isn’t this, one of the most beautiful statues of Durga?

Anyway we sat down to wait for the temple to open. That’s when the old man appeared. He slowly made his way to the temple courtyard and sat down near us. As he got ready we realised he was the temple priest and striked up a conversation with him. He told us he was 77 years old and had travelled all over the country working even in Varanasi and now he was here. He was proud about being able to still work but I sensed that life wasn’t that easy.


The sweet old man had a lot to share. When opening time finally arrived he opened the temple and did the prayers for us. I left him more datchanai (money gift) than I would normally and got his blessings.

People like him would truly bless you with an open heart.

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Da Rodent said...

Interesting :)

sabrina said...

You know i truly truly regret that i don't know the language better...i think india would have been a much different experience for me!

Visithra said...

thanks rodent ;p

saby : oh well if i head to the north ill be as blus or worse ;p so dont worry - plus i dont know how they do it they know we're not local

Anonymous said...

hey Visi(hope I can call u so)....

I have always followed ths blog....these pics were just brilliant.......

cam model pls?....