Monday, March 01, 2010

Crazyman Travels: Final

World class idiot

The guy in the white shirt was our idiotic driver - he had a habit of talking about us either who we are or complaining about us to everyone he met either on the road or in the hotels! 

We sat and waited and waited. Our car was the only one left and the place was getting super lonely. 30 minutes later 2 cops who had been watching us for a while, came by to ask us why we were waiting there. I told him our predicament and they got angry and told us they’ll go find him for us. He came back running 15 minutes later with the cops on his heel scolding him. We thanked them and finally got back to the hotel at 11 ish pm.

Yeah I actually got a cop to tell him off!

The next day he was super well behaved after the cop incident and when he realised we knew people there. I think he was afraid someone might hit him! People there are super tall! ;p

At our next stop in Thiruchendur, he went missing in the morning again. Apparently he wanted to go pray! Something he never did before this!

On our last stop to Rameshwaram, he kept insisting we stay kms away from the temple even though there were many places next to the temple because there’s a fishy smell nearer to the beach.

I told him to head to Dhanushkodi first and we’ll deal about hotels later. So after finishing the hotel he drives off and has a competing race with the driver of the other family who had followed us on the truck ride (story will come later). He would cut off the driver every time and then slow down. Yes we were stuck with a maniac and I had given up telling him off.

As he’s driving I suddenly realise we’re heading towards a bridge that looked just like the one to the mainland. When I ask him, he tells me his driving out! Arggg we made him drive back to the temple area. The fish smell wasn’t as strong as he played it out to be plus at least we won’t have to deal with his nonsense in the morning.

We finally leave there for Trichy since we were flying back the next morning.

Now throughout the trip he never cleaned the car, he never checked the tyres or anything. That morning the car was spick span. Half way through the countryside, the car tyre gets punctured just in front of a bus stop in a paddy field. I was relieved to see so many people there.

They end up helping him change the tyre since he really didn’t know how to. Plus the spare tyre wasn’t filled with air and the nearest town was a few kms away. Now all our bags were in the car and after all the nonsense, I didn’t dare let him take the car without one of us in it. We were in the middle of nowhere, there was not a single car or building in sight.

When I insisted on following him, he refused to let me. I finally told him I rather trust this farmer who helped you than you. He finally agreed to take me and we left mom waiting in the bus stop.

We head to this grocery shop which had a tyre pump. And after filling up he refuses to leave and instead starts calling his boss. That’s when I knew the boss was in cahoots with the idiot. I kept telling him we should leave, mom is sitting alone there and he refuses to since he couldn’t call the guy and starts complaining about us to the grocers. When I told him about his liquor smuggling business, he answered oh that’s my right, I can buy whatever I want you have no say in it!

On our way back he makes 3 stops to deliver and collect money from his buyers. It is unbelievably nerve wracking to travel with such an unsafe idiot.

We head back to the hotel, and I head to the agents office to be told he wasn’t there. So I told them to call me once he gets in.

The lovely man at the front desk were jubilant to see us and were asking us about the trip. That’s when I broke down and told him everything.

The moment he heard liquor he was so upset and asked me why I hadn’t called him to complain. I told him I called the boss but he had dismissed it. He told us to go and rest first and settle our problem later.

The idiot was even more nasty to the uncle who was carrying our bags and had heard our story.

Half an hour later we head down and father and son turn up pretty solemn. The uncle at the desk had told them off.

So I sat down and told my story. I asked them if muslims in India drank? If they don’t why would they hire people who did? When I told them about the smuggling and we being woman and it being illegal, the son was pretty upset but the father her insisted he didn’t and kept supporting the guy. Saying oh he didn’t drink just bought botels.

The son was seriously sorry for the trouble we had endured and was insisting he would fire the guy but I don’t think that would happen. I have a feeling the boss and the driver were in cahoots, and perhaps drinks as well.

After a while I figured I was wasting my time and just told them to give me the bill. I think I have a 1 good driver 1 bad driver luck which seem to take turns happening. It’s like a cycle!

The hotel actually gave us a discount for the room. I couldn’t meet them when I got back that night from last minute shopping or the next morning. So I left them a letter thanking them for their help. So if you're in Trichy do stay at Hotel Gajapriya.

I need to add few more criterias on my evergrowing driver requirement list. l sometimes feel the fact that as we’re women travelling alone, they feel they have a right to bully us. Which is bull, no one tells me how I can travel. 

So moral of the story do NOT HIRE Basha Travels in Trichy. They are not trustworthy.

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My days(Gops) said...

new post :)

gud morning he he he he

// NOT HIRE Basha Travels in Trichy//

ennanga ippadi solliteeenga...parava illai....

next time vera travels paarthukalam... enna sollureeenga?

Anonymous said...

Wish the cops had beaten him up. I hate to throw all the apples in one bag, but increasingly, you keep hearing about people in India, specifically TN as my stories are from there, trying to exploit foreigners.

Too bad... I will keep in mind to be careful, if I ever visit.


sabrina said...

Agreed! The cops should have whacked the shit out of him!

And you should not have paid them la babes....what a bastard la!

Visithra said...

my days ; obviously - but this post is to warn others

kajan : ur stories?? oooh link me up
through email at least

actually ive had similar encounters in cambodia - if u ask me india has much nicer n trustworthy ppl compared to the ones in siam reap - i have no good memories of the ppl at all - perhaps the only country where the children put me off

saby - they might have - coz he came back running - well the hotel said the same thing - but the car cost petrol - should have insisted on a discount - but i got pissed off with the old man n we still needed to go do last minute shopping n time was ticking so just paid n left

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