Sunday, February 14, 2010

Musical Valentine

The most common affectionate gesture – hugging, does not come easy for most people. I had to learn how to hug and now I hug most of my friends. But there are the ones that I don’t as they’re uncomfortable with it. I always wish I could slap a free hug sign on them so they’d go learn the joys of hugging. AR Rahman has a song for it - Jiya se Jiya

Though I don’t believe in Valentines day and think its a commercial gimmick, I do believe love is very important and worth celebrating in affection not money.

So happy Valentines day and enjoy these two new videos from Rahman – a song on hugs and a remake of one of my favourite songs Vellai Pookal. Thanks for the link paran ;)

Since we’re on a youtube spree, have you listened to the new version of We are the World for Haiti?  
Erm sorry but I prefer the older version way more. There are so many things I dislike in the new one but I do love Jennifer Hudson in it – shes one of the few saving grace in the song. The passion was missing in the song, the chorus was the weakest link and those solo rapping by lil wayne, akon and kanye shouldn’t have been there. 

The lady that sings right after Jennifer Hudson really killed it for me. It was like there’s this huge tingling moment and suddenly she comes in so drab. Josh Groban was awesome. And the rhythm is so different especially when they merge MJ with the new version. I do love the rap insertion as a group led by that was awesome and the ending was by Wycleaf Jean using the word haiti. That was awesome.

Truly the biggest highlight for me was seeking out AR Rahman in the video. But its for a good cause, I'm all for the intent but listen to the older version there’s more passion in that.

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sabrina said...

Happy Valentine's to you too babe.

You know i completely forgot that they remade it till i read you blog!! Thanks! Must go watch it now

Visithra said...

so what did u think of it ?