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Murugan's journey


I’ve been super busy since Thaipusam began. Now that its over I’ve got tonnes of editing to do. If you don’t follow my facebook page or my photography blog you wouldn’t have heard – I got to shoot Thaipusam with world famous photographer Joe Mcnally. Check my post on it at V-Eyez.

Pal Kudam Flame of devotion 

Now lets recap the weekend that was. Since I’m still editing the Thaipusam day photos I’ll write on the chariot procession. Every year I end up chuckling to myself explaining the actual time the chariot leaves. So much so there was a forum that exclaimed in horror “bro I heard a rumour the chariot left early” lol.


So many people I know tend to turn up for the procession. As mom tends to follow the thevaram bus provided by the temple I dropped her off there not before bumping into 4 5 people we knew. Then I headed off to the chariot, the crowd seemed more than usual. So was the irritating motorbikers who seem to get rowdier by the year. Are you all nuts? It’s a religious procession not a racing arena. If someone let me I would have slapped every single donkey there and told them to behave.


They’ve added new lights to the centre of the chariot. Every year they make changes to the lights, small changes actually, I thought I’ll post photos since 2006 to show you the difference coz I love the lights from 2006 ;) I really hated the one in 2008. From left 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

Humour Thaipusam 2007 The Chariot  The Chariot

Home ;)

I never get sick of looking at the chariot though I’ve been doing it since I was a kid and way before it became so popular. Good thing is the welcoming party for the chariots journey back to KL is usually only attended by the true devotees, nearly no photographers and definetly less rowdy boys.

We used to head to Lebuh Ampang and wait while being entertained by different shops bhajanai or dance troupe but the chariots been taking longer to reach there in the last 2 years. Even last Sunday by the time we got back it was already 1.30 am and the chariot had yet to leave Chow Kit. The reason for the delay is simply because more people are breaking thousands of coconuts on the streets.

Chariot 2010 Chariot 2010 

For us its the time we can peacefully offer our prayers (archanai) to lord Muruga without crazy number of crowds. We usually park the car near a family who had already set up a table and were waiting for the chariot. This time the table we picked had about 500 coconuts stacked ready to be smashed. Now we would stand after the table so the family can do their prayers first.

We were sitting on the ground when a family of 4 arrive with a chair look at the both of us and promptly placed their chair right in front of the families table and us blocking our view. Not only that she was practically backing into us every 2 minutes eventhough there was so much space around us. My mom got a bit upset but I told her, why bother we know everyone who’s gonna be on the chariot, just because she’s blocking us nothing’s gonna change.

Chariot 2010

When the chariot arrived, it stopped slightly to the front as another family was standing there. The moment one of the anna’s saw us they took our archanai thattu and did the necessary immediately and gave it back with garlands and all. To us it isn’t surprising since we have been part of the religious section for years, The people you see on the chariot have been working tirelessly for the temple since I was a kid. They spend night and day making sure the procession and thaipusam itself from the temple’s side runs properly. As far as I know they practically live around the temple for the whole week before and after. One of them is also a cousin of mine.

Back to KL

They’re usually super tensed when the chariot heads to Thaipusam, only when it heads back do they look out for family and friends ;)

Remember the 500 coconuts? Well we got caught in a wave of smashing nuts as they tried to smash all the coconuts in a matter of minutes so the chariot can continue on its way. Both Chinese and Indian businesses tend to break these thousands of coconuts.

So ends Thaipusam 2010 – till next year then ;)

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