Saturday, February 13, 2010

Monkey do

Monkey do

I think i've been going to Batu caves since I was a baby when I got my head shaved. in all those years i've been attacked by monkeys only twice once with a friend and today, when a terrified little boy watching me shoot a bunch of monkeys asked if I would follow him down the stairs. Both times they were afraid of the monkeys and I believe animals can sense fear and tend to take advantage of it.

When the monkey sprang at us with his teeth ready to bite, I gnarled back stopping him for a second. The young boy's scream ended up creating a crowd of onlookers gasping in shock. The monkey sprang again and I swung my back at him making him stop again and we quickly made our way down.

The crowd was surprised that the monkey backed down. I knew there was a risk it wouldn't but it was either run up back or challenge the dude ;p

Lovely morning eh ;) lol that was fun ;p

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Terra Shield said...

The monkeys there are quite violent, aren't they?

Visithra said...

terra : actually no - they're opportunist but if they know ure scared they take advantage of it - i was standing next to a bunch for some 10 mins - n they were just fine - they knew the kid was scared