Thursday, December 31, 2009

Turning 30

I have always thought I had the mind of a 50 year old, the heart of a kid and at present the age of a 30 year old adult. Yesterday I turned 30 and this superbly late post was supposed to have hit the blog yesterday however I was stuck with a keyboard that picked 2 days ago to malfunction.

I tried the very next day to hit the roads and get one, faulty traffic lights and crazy roads sent me rushing towards a mall instead to catch 2012. Initially I had wanted to drool over Robert Pattison but the theatre had other plans. What a movie to watch on the eve eh? Well I’ve always been a weirdo, you see I had a book I have been dying to read for years in my hands for several weeks now but I put it on hold and waited till the eve of my birthday to read it.

Mitch Albom’s brilliant Tuesdays with Morrie was the book and if you haven’t read it, it centres on death. The oddity goes against most Asians believes and need to drown in auspicious and properity linked items. I always believed that crap had a lot to do with fear and when it concerns birthdays, death is a no no, apparently. But how can you not think of death when birth is but the beginning of death. If you are born, you will one day perish but it is how you live the life in between birth and death that matters not the impending death.

And while most people viewed 2012 as devastating and depressing, I saw hope and that humanity still lingers on a select few. So let’s not give up on humanity yet. Kick the bitches out, they just make your life cluttered.

There is this one quote in that book that is so very much like my own motto in life – LIVE life or GO die ;p the one motto I hold on is – remember your past, think about the future but live for the present. Told ya I’m a 50 year old in a 30 year olds skin.

2009 has been one crazy year. It has been on one side a pretty good year and on the other i’m being heaped with obstacles, weird craziness and tireless attacks on trust. Rather than moan on the negativity, I’m taking it in stride and living with the vibe on the positive side of things.

When you were touch by depression at a very young age, it makes you appreciate life even more. Trust me if you think work and social status is life – then you should take Morries advice and go die ;p

I have never understood peoples obsession on hiding their age but then I was blessed with young genes. Thanks to the wonderful powers of FB, I met a very old friend who I had lost in touch with for some 7 years! Honest as ever, he assured me I looked not a day over 25 ;p hehhe that definetly does wonders to the ego. Even more during a recent photowalk outing, the friendly town folk assumed we were students ;p

FB has allowed me to reach out to so many long lost friends, hail the social network that I once refused to be part of. It also revealed the fakeness of a lot of people who apparently call you friend. People are often there to illicit information and favours from you but try the other way round and you come up with blanks. Even funnier when they only contact you to gather gossip to spread to others.

I was going to write an adieu for the year that was, there’s a picture trail coming soon on V-Eyez but the real story gets written here. Its been an amazingly wonderful artistic year, if there is such a term. I set out in 2009 to make sure I welcomed the 30s with things I would always be proud of even when I’m 60 and its been a shoe in ;p

Beauty in Destruction in/Visible

Photography wise, there’s been loads of achievements and improvement. You see there’s always space for improvement, and when you think you’re the best you’re charting a trail downwards. I had 2 amazing photography exhibitions, the first exhilarating for a dream come true, the second very much personal to my heart as it was a perfect combination of 2 of my favourite things in life imagery and story telling. We picked stories from our travels or life itself and it was like watching a live blog. Watching people react to the stories and images is an unbelievable feeling. Selling 3 of the exhibited photos was even more amazing. To know that someone has your work displayed proudly at their home is a feeling I cannot describe. One of my photos even made the finalist list of a prestigious photography award ;p

Love You're invited! I garland thy Together Flowery frame Joy   Beautiful

There’s also all the projects I’ve been shooting – personal and on assignment. It’se to be entrusted in capturing people’s ideas and moments. Getting hired to shoot in India was even more priceless and what an experience it was. I’ve heard and seen people treat photographers indifferently, fortunately I’ve never had to feel that, most times I’ve been treated like gold. You get treated the way you treat others, simple as that.

Pre-schooler The future Yoga

Playing the waiting game Enna thavam seithenei Paal Vadiyum mugam
It was as a year of new gears and the parting with cash – sigh so not fun but oh so fun to play with. The purchase was actually linked to a very unsatisfactory event when I was told in very little words that I am judged by my usefulness and when I failed to comply to demands made I was a treat That fuelled me to leap beyond what I needed to creating a point that trying to hurt me is pretty futile since I only see it as a challenge.

My writing assignments for Asia*DanceChannel has been wonderful too. I’ve always wanted to write for dance, one of my loves. I cannot think of a life without dancing and music. Even better one of the articles I wrote will be published in the inaugural magazine coming out this very month.

Romance Energetic dance Warrior queen

I think I’ve watched more live shows this year than movies. Some for the magazine and more on my own. You see I absolutely love hanging out at KLPAC with the lovely staff and amazing people who run the place. I usually head there early to curl up in my fav seat at the restaurant and chat with the kids and wait staff who have come to miss me ;p Of course the amazing food helps too ;p It is defiantly a lovely thing to walk in and have the founders hug you in welcome. I’m still star struck though, I’ve worked with them, sat down and chatted with them and even hear them exclaim their delight in my work.

That brings that to the event that had me going crazy. My proposal to choreograph and dance in the Short + Sweet festival was accepted to my excitement and absolute horror. I spent sleepless nights turning in bed worrying about the music, choreography and whether people would accept my idea and the fact I did not look like the typical dancer. I can still remember that glow on Faridah’s face when she watched our presentation during our rehearsal slot or the reactions and reviews. Phew what a relief. It’s of course inspired more plans for the next year, so lets see where the year takes me.

Ummmm Hey
The show coincided with MJ’s death and as any artist would tell you the only tribute you can give is through the very art itself. Another chance presented itself when Thrill the World happened and I finally got to learn the Thriller.

I would like to tell you I’m over it and I have accepted his death but truthfully that’s not true. I have mixed feelings with the new breed of MJ lovers who have surfaced but who are we to question the sudden interest when his music is timeless?

This was also the year the younger brother got married and marked the entrance of a sister in law. Not a bad thing after all ;)

Am I yours???  Leisure day   People watching

There are of course my travels – my very reason of existence. locally we did the whole of Negeri Sembilan, bits of Pahang and of curse there was the extensive trip in India. Soothes the senses oh s wonderfully. Stories of those will come in the new year.

The blog has turned 5 by the way I don't write as much since its much easier to put up photos on V-Eyez. It’s as been great year for books, bought so many, followed on with my yearly tradition of gifting myself with books and even got more as gifts ;p

So its been quite a year and as we dawn on the eve of 2010 I wish it will be filled with more adventures

Happy New year and god bless everyone ;)