Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas 2009

Christmas surise

Christmas was a long day this year. The old man who fell unconscious the day before turned up and came looking for me to thank me. I asked him how he was and if he had gone to the hospital. Apparently the blood that I had seen on his shirt was from a nick on his neck that needed 4 stitches. That explains why he was still feeling faint when I dropped him back.

I was glad to see him. Its never nice to hear bad news.

As I was driving home after the prayers, I eyed the skies and contemplated heading to my sunrise spot to catch a glimpse of the day. Every year during Margzhali I would try to capture the sunrise. I had found this spot one year as I had gone chasing this amazing sky. It’s a real peaceful place away from the noise and people with vast greens to look at.

I wasn’t disappointed, the sun put on a lovely show and we even had some powdery orange effect on the clouds. I got back to finally sleep but was up in 3 hours to head for Christmas lunch at my aunts.

So there we were getting out of my brothers car and suddenly I reliase I had slammed the car doors in my fingers. Now somewhere in this year I was thinking to myself that I have never jammed my fingers. Looks like I jinxed myself. The poor finger hurt like hell and had started bleeding. I knew I needed ice asap and was feeling super faint. Eyeing a mamak shop I made my mom get me ice but she came back with milo ice which really helped sooth the pain. I think I should have balled my eyes out instead of being macho, my family was laughing at me!

Thank god for ice, the pain gradually reduced in the next hour while I gulped down my milo. What can I say I’m a milo baby, it’s my security drink I think. Princess Diaries 2 may have helped too, I was glued to the tv watching it. Right after we did what we always do if we head to KL, go shopping for Indian stuff. There are some things that are better of to be bought in KL.

Now you would think we would be filled from lunch but the truth is we all had a polite lunch. You see the whole family is vegetarian throughout marzhali and when we do get invited for new year or Christmas parties we normally decline or have food first since usually the vege food is bad. Now i’ve come to a conclusion that I usually have this problem with Indian/ hindu houses. Every other time I’ve been vegetarian at a non Indian house I’ve had good food. Weird right? ;p

So we headed to Brickfields to get food and as usual we were arguing who should go buy the food. Bro finally through the most important point – “if you went n smiled we’ll get food asap.” I couldn’t argue with that and guess what it was true, we had 4 different items which all needed to be cooked done in matter of minutes. As usual the waiter was chatting me up.

He wanted to know if I had watched the latest Vijay movie, he got upset when I said I don’t watch his movies in theatre. This was the conversation ;p

Him: vettaikaran pathuthingela
Him: have you seen vijay’s movie vettaikaran
Me : vijay padam theatrele pahkurathileh
Me : I don’t watch his movies in the theatre

Him: enna ipdhi sohlithinge apoh tamil padam pahkamathingela
Him: how can you say that – so you don’t watch tamil movies?
Me : pahpen
Me : I do watch

Him: kadisiyah yahrodeh padam pahtingeh
Him: whose movie did you watch last
Me : Surya’s

Him: bah avar padam mathum nalla iruhka – ehlam oreh kadeh daneh
Him: bah how come his movie is good – the stories are the same
Me : athavan nalla irundhadeh, vijay padam kadisiyah sachin than nalla irundhadu
Me : athavan was nice, the last vijay movie I liked was sachin

Him: paaru pa vijay padam nalla illehyam surya than nalla iruhkam
Him: look here shes saying only surya’s movie is nice vijays isn’t
another guy : avangeh surya fan apdhithan sohluvange
another guy : she’s a surya fan what else do you expect

Just as I was leaving with the food he went

Him: ehnnakaga nengeh poyi vijay padam pahkanum
Him: you must go watch the movie for me
Me : pahkalam
Me : lets see

I usually enjoy this weird out of the blue conversations with waiters from India. I’ve had nearly similar conversations so many times and I’m always left laughing.
The funny thing is Surya popped up in the morning as well. My mom was sitting next to a bunch of gals and ladies during breakfast at the temple when she suddenly calls me and says (while trying not to laugh) that they’re talking about surya. Everyone looks at me puzzled. So I told them

me: Avangeh surya fan
me : moms a surya fan
Them : oooh hehehe

Me : surya avangeh bfnam
me : surya is her bf it seems
Mom: no vishal is ;p

me : oh sorry Vishal avenge bf ;p
me : oh sorry vishal is her bf ;p

The whole group burst into laughter ;p

Rushed home changed and spent 2 minutes contemplating taking the camera. Finally decided not to and headed to pick up kervin before I headed to Klang for Sabys Christmas party.

Now there is one stretch that connects our area to the highway that has been a mess of potholes and road construction for 3 years now and it doesn’t look like its getting better anytime soon. Guess who else is having the same issue or worse – Klang Makkal (people) ;p Now I’ve been frequenting the area for past 2 years and its been one construction after the other. I just don’t get it.

On our way back, stuck in a crawl, we finally figured why there was a jam, it took forever to go over one stretch of potholes just like the one we had at home and I told Kerv. “looks like we never left home!”

Now Kerv is always an early bird – he arrived at home for Deepavali sharp at 7pm and I wasn’t even dressed ;p I’m usually half an hour late so we arrived around 8 at Saby’s place and there was no one there but empty tables outside.

Kerv : are you sure its today?
me : yes
kerv : maybe its the other house (there was another house filled with people
me : hummm but wrong numberla

I may have finally convinced Kerv its usually good to be late, coz we were the first guests to arrive. Now I will no longer feel guilty about it ;p

We had a good time at Saby’s. Now if you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’d know I don’t drink not coz of anything but I hate the taste of bitterness and that burning sensation. So I’m always game to try out a new drink every now and then. The last time I had something was this sweet white wine on a friend’s insistence. Now that was super sweet not burning but still a bit bitterish for my taste. Apparently it has the least amount of alcohol.

Saby gave me a chocolate based alcohol (which I forgot the name) to try and the first sip I thought hey I may have found a drink! It tasted like a watered choc drink. Second sip and that burning sensation down your throat came rushing back ad the drink has now officially joined the rest of the list of drinks I’ve tried and rejected ;p

Oh remember the vegetarian theory I had. I had a super tasty spicy tofu sambal. I so wished I hadn’t had anything earlier ;p

Now on our way to Klang we had been gobsmacked by weird looking lights on the other side of the highway near Shah Alam. So we asked the toll gate guy how to get there and he gave us directions. So on our way back we headed there, we were nearly giving up when we found the place and were gobsmacked again. There were rows of colourful lit plastic Christmas trees. Weird but interesting and I smacked my head for forgetting the camera! I stole the photos from Kerv’s flickr for your entertainment.

And so that was Christmas and yeah the finger still hurts but its much better.