Friday, December 18, 2009

Bhajji on the beach

Corn on fire

The one thing I try to do everytime I’m in Chennai is to head to Marina beach and have bhajji! Bhajji is something like tempura but done with gram flour. Now this simple stalls usually serve them with amazing chutney and ultra speeds.

In India no one goes to the beach to bathe, rather they spend the time having a picnic as the beach is filled with all kinds of foods and entertainment. The first time I had been to Marina beach in 1994, my dad refused to let us have any of the beach food. So when I finally spent a few weeks without the family in India in 2002, I gorged on bhajjis ;p See dad I’m still alive and kicking, the food that actually got me sick was the most expensive bill I paid for dinner in India.

snack time

Anyways we were deciding between beach and movie when we figured lets do the beach. The beach was filled with people since it was a day after Gandhi Jeyanthi. We walked around shooting watching the kids fly their kites and finally after the sun set we headed for bhajji. This was my moms first attempt at eating bhajji and she did like it and we sat down remembering how dad refused to let us eat it ;p

Corn dazed at the beach The corn lady

One tip if you’re heading there in an auto you might as well get him to wait for you, there are nearly no lights at the beach and it gets chaotic around leaving time. Just remember where he’s parked.

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