Thursday, December 24, 2009

Being human

And so Margzhali has started and the waking and heading to temple at 4.30ish has begun. No change there but I’ve been having a bout of cannot sleep till 4 am which is messing up the waking time. Ah but the kolam drawing has been rejuvenating. I never plan the drawing, sometimes I stand and stare at the floor and image flows through, each day the floor tells me what to draw, not a book or a planned execution. And so the other day I ended up drawing a throne – simhasanam and as I was putting a trident on the seat it went crocked, most of the time I draw straight lines but this line was angled in such a way that as I stood back and looked I saw devi herself seated and promptly drew her. Don’t ask me for a photo, I’m too lazy to carry my cam n the camera phone can’t seem to capture them fully since the kolam is so huge. I have a side shot but it doesn’t show much.

Anyway today an old man who began coming for the prayers this year fell down unconscious during the prayers. Most of the people who knew him rushed to revive him. He was conscious in a while and most of us went back to our prayers. People were going back to him every now and then to talk to him. I was watching for a while and I realised he wasn’t getting better. He should have been made to lie down and put his legs up, but I guess people didn’t realise that.

Finally I went up to him to see if he was ok, I wanted to get him to lie down but I realised he needed to go home. So I offered to drive him back and he gladly accepted. So I got another uncle to help bring him to my car, handed him a bag since he was still vomiting. Another uncle got on his bike and followed me to the old mans house. I suspect it wasn’t just a bout of fainting and perhaps it’s more serious. Hopefully the family took him to the hospital. Anyway we managed to wake up the family and I headed back to the temple since I had left my breakfast there.
The funny thing was some people were giving me weird glowy looks the rest were just normal because it isn’t unusual to receive help in my small town. The few times I was hit by a car as a biker, I’ve had people rush to me to make sure I was ok. I think I’ve told those stories before somewhere on the blog.

6 years ago during one similar margzhali prayers at around this time – it was Christmas morning and cars were speeding up and down after celebrations. I myself had gotten back from a night of dancing (the first after so many months) and was putting a kolam when we heard a string of screeching tyres and a loud bang. I had just been months since my dad had passed away and I was the first person to run to the scene. Despite the wreck the car was in, the passenger who was my very drunk ex school mate was miraculously spared with just a few injuries. He was lucky prayers were on as the uncles helped pull him out and someone drove him to a hospital. I had to rush back because my brother was not back from his Christmas eve outing and I was sure my mom was freaking out on who it was. She only breathed a sigh of relief when I told her it wasn’t as we tried to find the number of the guys family.

When my mother first started driving, she used to get the local boys to repark or take her car out and no one ever was cross with her. It was always done with outmost politeness and this were boys from a very Indian area. One day as my mother was leaving the temple during another marghali she revved a bit too much and in a matter of seconds was sitting pretty on the divider. I rushed to find a very scared mom sitting at the wheel and got her out. As I was wondering what to do with the car, the men at the temple teamed up and carried the car out. Kelisa’s and kancils are always carried never towed ;p

This reminds me of a very old story from my college days circa 1999 I think. My friend had parked her car right behind me and we suddenly heard a loud sound. We came out to find her kancil or was it a tiara (? Can’t remember) lying head down in the drain. As we were standing there staring in disbelief coz somehow the car had bypassed mine into the drain – the local boys we were passing by gathered a few people (different races) and i think it took about 10 people to get the car out. No flirting there after nor was anyone expecting to be given anything or pushing a car service on us. After we had thanked them they left.

That’s perhaps the wonders of living in a small town where nearly everyone knows everyone which has lots of cons. Try having a dink with anyone that looks male, the whole neighbour hood will call ur mom! ;p it is getting less common to see people help others then it used to be but the common humanity to rush to anothers aid never seems to have gone out of fashion here.

Hence why I was surprised with the looks but they were by people fairly new in the area. Or perhaps they were wondering why they hadn’t thought of sending the old man home.

He could have vomited all over my white car seats but was a car worth more than a life? If you’ve ever hesitated to help another here’s one consolation in why you should. All deeds are returned at some point, you can never be at the side of your loved one and no matter how you think you can protect everyone you know or love, at the end of the day they are usually at the mercy of strangers. Similarly when you forget others deeds and do bad upon others it will come back to haunt you.
Merry Christmas everyone and stay safe.


sabrina said...

Ooh accidents always leave you uneasy for months! I constantly worry whenever my bro and his friends go out cos they never have a designated driver

Was great seeing you yesterday babes...thanks again for coming :p

visithra said...

saby : most ppl dont have designated drivers - i used to be one since i don't drink n ive had pretty funny stories getting my drunk friends back ;p

thanks for having us ;p had lots of fun