Monday, November 16, 2009

Thanjai Tales


After arriving in Thanjavur and refreshing ourselves, we headed downstairs to get dinner at the hotel restaurant. Since the restaurant had an aircond section we headed there only to encounter a 2 tabled room. There was a family of 4 – the mother, a daughter and 2 sons already occupying the other table.

I sat facing the family and as I was giving our orders to the cheery old man. I realized the whole family was staring at us. One son had even turned himself to face us and was just staring.

A king ? Upwards Taking a break
Now I hate being stared at especially in a restaurant. If I had been in Malaysia I would have asked them what they were staring for. Usually I’d get a sheepish nothing.

Anyway since even after ordering I was still encountering the stares, I told my mom in Malay about the staring.

Immediately the four began boasting in Malay about who they knew, about caste, and their plans. There was one plan that had me in giggles. Now the one guy boasted about how they should go early at 5 am to attend prayers at the Thanjur Peria temple so they can watch the sangkalpanam (special prayers).


Now the reason I found it funny was since the temple was taken over by the central government, very limited prayers were done and most of it was structured as an office would function. So the best time to go would be after 7am which was the time we were planning to go.

And as predicted when we arrived at 7 the temple was pretty empty and there was abhishegam taking place but no one was allowed to see it. So we sat down and waited for the puja while singing the sivapuranam quietly. While we were waiting a bunch of telugu tourist and 2 busses of North Indian Shiva devotees arrived. Now why did I differentiate them? The telugu tourists were super bossy and rude, they came and stood right in front of us and after a while left coz they got bored waiting.

Charging Elephants

Where else the North Indian devotees, some who came brandishing Shiva tattoos broke into a melodious rendition of a Hindi Bhajan in praise of Shiva. The most amazing thing was everyone sang and that’s super rare in Tamilnadu. I rarely see people singing in temples or appreciating others. They were a noisy bunch but what else would u expect from such a huge crowd. Just then we all got a lovely darshan as the curtains opened to show us Brihadeshwarar himself.

Now back to that lovely family at the restaurant. The moment I spoke in Malay they could have sad something instead they decided to boast that too stupidly. Everytime I’m overseas we always spoke to Malaysians we would meet on our travels. I would have loved to have sat down and spoke to a fellow Malaysian, but then I don’t converse rude people.


sabrina said...

LOL! What a bunch of dumbasses!

I love the picture of that guy...very nice...the picture i mean :p

visithra said...

saby : yeah tell me about it

hehehhe i know nice skin n bod eh ;p hehhe

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