Tuesday, November 03, 2009

MJ ruled

... my weekend ;)

Blowing Kisses

It was such an MJ weekend. The moment I got back from India I had purchased tickets for MJ’s This Is It. While most people were watching the premier show, I was patiently waiting for Saturday to come.

The sad part of watching the movie is it makes you wish even more than MJ hadn’t passed away. And then I envy everyone one of those dancers, crew and musicians, everytime they weren’t on stage they’d be watching MJ perform in awe. There was so much new material, a new Thriller, a new Smooth Criminal, the awesome set for Pretty Young Thing, and the wow inspiring march for my ever favourite song They Don’t Care about us.

As expected MJ was hands on every detail from choosing the dancers to minute details in the production. Evertime there was a mistake he’d go “That’s ok that’s why we have rehearsals”.

There was this one part when Ortega questions why the music hadn’t started and the music crew goes “He’s sizzling.”

MJ had a message for all – “The world has forgotten to love its time we relearn how to love” ;)

Earth song is the one point where you might tear up if you’re a fan. The other times you’d be ooh aaing the amazing sets, his singing, dancing and laughing at his antics ;p

At 50 he was still an amazing dancer, frail but amazing, his voice was still awesome, his clarity still as sharp and ever awe inspiring. I might just go watch it again ;) Loved every bit of the movie. I still wish a million wishes MJ hadn’t left us.

Right after having the most expensive mixed rice ever, we headed home in time to get ready for our Halloween party – Skool Daze with Red FM at the Rain Club in Kelana Jaya. We’d gotten tickets courtesy of a friend. Thanks babe. ;)

The Blues

Since it was a school themed party, I dug out my only white blouse, black skirt, wore 2 pony tails with pink ribbons, and went as a half faced zombie. But it kinda looked like face art lol. Ish ish

The location was pretty nice and since it was about sunset there was a lovely orange sky to shoot. The club is wuite nice too with a huge revolving door and funky lights. Wanting to beat the Saturday night jam, we had left early and arrived right on time only to be the first people at the party. Lol oh well at least we beat the jam.

Who you're looking at?

The good thing is we got to mingle with the DJs who actually came up to the early birds and chatted us up. That’s when we met Britney ;p

I made the mistake of telling my friends we should smack him ;p The next second it was arranged and we were posing for photos ;p hehehhe

People started trickling in an hour later, in that time I found a few victims to pose for me at my fav little spot with the red walls ;p

The party started with the DJ’s introducing themselves and starting of the first game – Bobbing for apples. We cheered for all 5 contestants as they tried to get them apples. The first 2 actually didn’t get any! The 2nd game of the night was guess the old school hit and because the headmaster wouldn’t let anyone copy or approve ½ marks the highest score was 4! There was also lots of lucky draws and yummy gifts, Kerv won himself a Reebok goody bag. The Red fm team also secretly learned up dance choreography for a mix of old Skool music. Really good job ;)


Then he had to push me into the next game and what do you know, it was a MJ dance impersonation and they picked Thriller. I was like at least I know the moves. 6 of us were put to test and while everyone danced well, they were looking for MJ moves. I came this close to winning and lost out to the guy who grabbed his crotch and I’m like what the heck do I grab? Lol Darn but he did deserve to win ;p Anyway thanks to the awesome crowd who cheered me to second place.

All in all it was a super enjoyable party. This is the second time I’ve been impressed with the Red Fm team. Not only don’t they have huge egos like a few radio stations, they’re pretty funny too. I’m changing radio stations man!

We headed of for a drink at Old Town Kopitiam. Since it was super bright there I was getting weird looks from the patrons, ermm zombie makeup was still in place ;p lol


sabrina said...

See this is i am so aprehensive bout watching the movie...i just know i'll keep obsessing for the next month or so why he had to die!!!!!!

visithra said...

i think everyones gonna be obsessing about that forever - it was just too soon