Thursday, November 12, 2009

If I was a villain

I’d kill before I speak – then I’d tell them why I killed them while I watch them die. I don’t get why villains always have so much to say giving some hero the chance to find and finish them

I’d hit the destroy button first – again villains speak too much and waste brilliant plans

I’d have 3 escape plans for each destroy plan – I MUST live to destroy the world again

I’d use generic stuff – makes it harder for CSI to trace me

I’d not leave clues – this isn’t a game I’m here to kill

I’d get a dumb sidekick – better than one with a conscience or greedier than me

I’d dispose the body permanently – like 3 4 5 ways and I’d do it myself and not trust a sidekick

I’d kill the witness – including the sidekick

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