Thursday, November 05, 2009

Deepavalli 09

I guess I am a super patient person. Well it took me 6 years to actually start celebrating Deepavali again. Since Dad passed away I’d totally stopped celebrating. Even the year I had gone to India and did my usual shop till you drop workout, I came back and didn’t bother wearing any of the new clothes and just went on with life.

But it was about time I moved on, with sil at home, it wouldn’t be nice to continue mourning. Pothys Chennai kinda joined in on the plan. While shopping there we kept eyeing the same colours and finally decided to colour coordinate our silk sarees. So we got me, mom and sil a similar shade of green saree. The sarees looked awesome ;p

We were super pooped from our holiday, what with the baggage drama on the eve of the eve. The next day we had to clean the house, get stuff and decorate the place. We even got time to visit the Brickfields Deepavalli fair for some last minute bargains. The good thing is we finally found bangles that matched our green sarees. I had searched the whole of India for that green but since everyone was shopping, colours were limited.

Mom and I were falling asleep throughout Deepavalli day though every now and then someone would pop in and we would wake up to entertain them. Since bro and sil had to go back to sil’s mom’s house our usual routine was disturbed and we left our Deepavalli visits for the evening. The good thing is we got to watch awesome fireworks.

We spent the next day finally sleeping off our holiday fatigue. Yeah you always need one day to recover from holidays ;p

A week later we were off for Deepavalli at a family friends place while preparing for our own open house celebrations on Sunday. At some imaginary point between ourselves we had all decided we’d only do our yearly parties if someone got married.

Earlier in the day I had actually gone to the Thrill the world and so when I got back I got busy decorating the house. Of course we all donned our lovely green sarees. Kerv of course was the earliest, should have told him a later time! Lol I wasn’t even ready yet! Everyone had fun and the food was a hit – vege, yummy fried chicken, mutton peratal, sambal and dhal ;p

The good thing is people arrived in batches though at around 8.30 the house was super full and I had no time to take photos of ppl. One of my brothers friend who was coming to the house for the first time was hesitantly standing in front of the house peeking for my brother.

So I told him “Come on in - Don’t worry you’re at the right place” Poor guy blushed away. Humm guys still blush? ;p hehehe

I had my nephew and nieces to play with, all three have become so much cuter. Unfortunately they got bullied by my cousin, had to do constantly keep an eye on the big kid from bullying them. She was actually going to lock them up in a small dark room! So cruel!

After everyone left the whole family decided to go on a photo spree which eventually turned into a photo lesson for the cousin and bro’s friend. Phew we had fun all right, tiring but it was fun ;)


sabrina said...

Sorry i couldn't make it babe :(

Next year i'm coming to finish all the food...whther or not i'm invited!


visithra said...

saby : no prob ehhe theres always next year i think ;p ehhehe oooh we like feeding ppl ;p