Friday, November 27, 2009

The booky ones

Love in the present

Book sales sometimes make me uneasy. Actually most sales are scary but the book kinds can get weird. Buying books at a sale is very different from getting them in a bookstore. If only books were cheaper, I prefer buying them at bookstores. For one its organized, quiet and very few know it alls work around handing free advice.

I was at the Big Bad Wolf Sales yesterday and while there wasn’t many great finds, I did find two books from one of my favourite authors Maeve Bincy and a long time favourite blogger Waiter Rant. Like his blog his book doesn’t disappoint, I’m already half into the book. I wish Penguin would come up with another sale, THAT was a great sale.

Anyway while I was walking the crowded aisles I thought of a post. The characters you meet at a book sale. The post was inspired by a know-it-all who kept dishing out his advice up and down the most populated Fiction aisle.

Usually men, they dish out advice to strangers everytime they touch a book. Apparently they read every book. Usually alone, targeting woman and speaks in a foreign accent though he’s as local as it gets.

The Snob
Glares and rolls eye at everyone for being there, eventhough they’re there for the same reason – cheap books! Usually female and walks with chin high up in the air. Gets aggregated when people accidentally knock into them and continues to roll eyes even after they apologise.

The snatcher
Eyes the book you’re holding and the moment you put it down, makes a grab for it. Sometimes even takes it from a persons hand. The one staring at people more than the books with shifty eyes.

The blur ones who are usually blocking the way oblivious to their surroundings, while there’s a long queue trying to get ahead of them. Then proceeds to knock people of their feet by barging towards their next destination.

The Lost One

The bf who was sent on a goose chase to find a book. Constantly on the phone with gf while nervously looking at all the mountain of books and people.

The greedy
Grabs 50 books but only buys 3. Always seen carrying baskets/ boxes filled to the brim with books.

Joined at the hip
Two friends who linger around each aisle discussing book sales and everything else expect actually looking at the books. Wait long enough and you’ll get the latest gossips, usually female.

The nosy I’m better than ya
Looks at you and then looks at the books in your bag/box/basket and snickers. Thinks they’re the most intelligent well read person in the place.

The wannabe reader

Lingers around book sales/ bookshops looking for someone to date. Carries 2 books, vaguely looks at the books on sale but is actually checking out wedding fingers for a marriage band!

Candy rush
With eyes that look like they’re about to pop out of their sockets, they lovingly caress each book as if it was their lover.

The groupie
Doesn’t really care for books but their friends were going so they went. Usually seen bored with a bunch of people.

The pervert
Is there for only one reason. to take advantage of the crowded place and brush on people.

So which one are you? I’m a combo of candy rush with mild greediness ;p I can be found sitting in a corner patiently contemplating a box of books and trying to keep in a budget which I always exceed! ;p

Now shopping for books in India is an experience on its own, puts local bookstores to shame on customer service and I’m talking about a roadside stall. That’s up next! ;p

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sabrina said...

I'v got another one for your list...The One Who Falls On Her Arse!


It was so crowded and we were in the long long check-out line when a woman wanted to pass to go to the other side. So i very kindly moved back to let he pass, then tripped and landed right on my arse in the box of books right behind me. Oh and the owner of that box ddn't even bother helping me...instead he 'tsk-ed' at me!!!!

visithra said...

hehhee u poor thing - what an ass of an old man - he needs to be told offla - damn i would have

日月神教-任我行 said...