Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Produced Flash Mob Dance

I just got back from our beach holiday in Kuantan with a strict regime of shooting, swiming, eating, sleepig, swimming, eating, sleeping and repeating everything for 3 days ;p Too many photos to edit, reviews to right, posts for the blog - I now want another holiday!

Anyways apparently Maxis hired professional dancers to produce Malaysia's first flash mob dance. I don't think you can really call it Mob Dance, most of the first few dances were hired dancers, the steps were too co-ordinated and complicated for people to pick up. Sad that our first flash mob dance get's produced! But check out the last 2 dances, that's when the crowd actually joined in to a traditional Malay Dance and Billie Jean.


Aragang said...

Thanks for posting this, Visithra! I so wanted to do something like this, but had no opportunity or reason to do so. Saw the ones done at the train station in London and the one at Belgium. Cute, funny and fun!

visithra said...

aragang : yeah me too - would be nice if people did such things just for the fun of it like the belgium one was headed by a dance group - n that was just awesome

sabrina said...

Ya the whole thing looks a bi too organized and planned. Good effort though