Thursday, August 20, 2009

I saved a kid

.... on Tuesday.

We were swimming in the hotel pool in Kuantan. Another family with 2 little kids were swimming next to us. The children were fairly good swimmers and were swimming in the adult pool. The mother tells the kids to swim safely and goes of swimming.
We were minding our own business coz they weren’t friendly people and kinda gave us cold stares. Then I heard the sister call the brother as he started screaming mummy mummy.

I wasn’t sure if the kid was ok and asked him if he was ok. The kid wasn’t responding and seemed to be struggling in the water. I quickly moved towards the kid and realized he was struggling to stay afloat. I lifted the kid out of the water and handed him to his father.

The father reluctantly said thank you and looked away.

Err what the heck?

Minutes later the mom was briefed and we were still getting cold stares. I mean your kids life ain’t my responsibility, but you could at least be a bit sincere when you thank me right?

The funny thing is the family was Indian.

We were staying at the Swiss Garden Kuantan. The hotel is usually filled with foreigners and a few Malaysians. Usually we’re the only Indian family there and occasionally when an Indian family does turn up, they’re super high nose and give us the cold shoulders.

The foreigners will usually nod at us or smile. We became friends with a Malay family who arrived at the same time as us. Well I made their super cute naughty daughter cry coz I refused to let her run as she wished. She got teased by her parents for crying crocodile tears.

And then there was that family, they arrived on our second day there and gave us the cold shoulders. They would stare and if we caught them looking they’d frown and look away. They were giving us the – you shouldn’t be here look and we’re better than you look.

I forgot all about the familys reaction till I began telling the story to a friend and realized how rude they were. I should have smacked them for their attitude and tell them that’s our 5th stay at the hotel. They should either learn how to behave in public or never come out of their little coconut shells!

First you were so irresponsible to leave young kids unattended in an adult pool and then you made the person who saved your kid feel uncomfortable. These kind of people regard other Indians as below them and are ashamed of being Indians. They need to learn that no one is better off then anyone. Well I guess god decided to teach them a lesson and tell them treat your fellow beings well for you never known when you will need their help.

God may have tried but I don’t think they got the message.


Terra Shield said...

India Indian?

BSK said...

Sad to know that they didn't show you the gratitude. That too by Indians. India'vla dhaan oththuma illana angayuma? :)

geetha said...

Too bad for them.. seems like they are not proud of themselves!
Ignore their attitude.. you did a great job!

Angela said...

what a shame. good on you though, you hero, you.

sabrina said...

Actually la...are they india-mari indians ah?

visithra said...

Terra : nope they were malaysians unfortunately

bsk : they could have smiled or be sincere thats all - oh its the same everywhere

geetha : like i was telling my mom i cant stand by and watch something bad happened just because i wasnt made to feel welcome - their lose indeed

angela : heheh not a hero - but it should be natural instinct thats all - definetly shame on them though

saby : malaysians - the upnosed kind

Anonymous said...

Chi.. its because of people like this, that the racists behave in a particular way with us, with a brown skin.. I mean, I have had the privilege of meeting similarly lousy minded Indians here, and I am convinced its their uptightness thats causing foreigners to call us names like curry eaters and wrinkle their nose when they see us..
Basic humanity tells they should thank you, or atleast smile !

visithra said...

ms taggart : oh the ones who call others names are the same as these ppl - ppl always forget to be human ;)