Friday, July 10, 2009

Youtube Day

Well I seem to be having more of these nowadays.

I was browsing Johnmayer's tweet when I found a link to Kennedy Dave's tribute for MJ. Wow he has such a lovely voice. He's singing what I call Pretty baby but it's actually The way you making me feel.

While we're on John Mayer - I have been in love with his song Daughters for just ever.
Father's be good to your daughters ....Mothers be good to your daughters too

Here's something interesting John Mayer is an active youtube user and posts up some of his random strummings all the time as well as notes for aspiring guitarists. Falling in love with his cover of Justin Timberlake's I think that she knows (interlude)

The original song by JT.

Anyway one thing took me to another thing and I found this song all I know its by Levent called Tell Me. Can't seem to find info on him - catchy song.

Back to MJ, Madonna did a tribute to him at the opening of her concert.

Then there was the Michael Jackson Tribute in Stockholm on July 8, 2009. Thanks to the Pierre for shooting the video. Dancers from Bounce based in Sweden, invited the public for a choreographed lesson before performing parts of Beat It at three locations in Stockholm. The video shows 2 - Sergels Torg and the Central Station. Lovely tribute if you ask me.

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