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Body? ...check ...Legs? ...check

.... where's the head?? Ops Houston we have a problem!

Body - Check, legs - check ....

Urbanscapes 2009 was as crazy as this art instalation. I kinda spent a long time standing in front of it (it was made of all kinds of black scraps). it was all over the place but still so intriguing.

Urbanscapes 2009

Urbanscape 2009 is a music and arts festival powered by artists and organized by KLUE magazine. Everything from photography, music, drama, movie screening, live music performance both contemporary and more classical pieces are performed simultaneously. There was something going on everywhere!

I’d been given free tickets for the festival as my photos had been selected by KLUE to be showcased under their curated section. Since Kerv was supposed to get his passes from another project, I gave mine to another friend.

Oh but the heat had other ideas, while we were stuck waiting for Kervs tickets, my friend who had arrived earlier decided she couldn’t take the heat and was going home. I don’t blame her, I was so tempted!

Anyway since I had an extra ticket we decided to stop waiting and go enjoy the festival. The first act we watched or more like were drawn to the KL Stompers. Using pails, brooms, bottles and trash cans they swept our hearts off. They were a pretty brilliant rhythmic bunch.

MJ tribute in Malaysia Tugu drummers 60 ideas

There was a small shrine set up for MJ with just his infamous hat and a single white rose. They finished off with a rendition of We are the children with the crowd joining it. Props to them!

We finally ventured inside to escape from the heat and checkout the exhibitions. Loved the Kukubesi project set of photos – you couldn’t have missed him itself, the man in a kilt.

I was sorely disappointed with the quality of the projection of photos in the KLUE 24hour KL screen. The horrid resolution made all the photos look ugly! Sadly my photo was on the same screen under the selected submissions category. I saw both of my shots, but it really made me cringe seeing how blurred out the screen was. They also didn’t put up our names, typical of local media. They NEVER credit photographers.
KLUE I hope you look into this for next year, all the other screens seemed ok. I wouldn’t have taken part if I had known the quality would be so horrendous!

The good thing is I just realized KLUE had published 3 of my shots for their June issue out of the 4 I submitted. They did credit me there. Props for that.

Cheeky A letter for grandpa
(these 2 were exhibited)

And you go left

Kerv finally received his ticket and we went back down to get our bands (we didn’t realize we had to – signboards would have helped – we were sitting around the ticketing counter for a long time and didn’t realize it was needed)

It was torturous to go out in the heat again. So we quickly went back in and upstairs to check out one of the movies. Right before we landed infront of the 60 Ideas in a Box booth. The idea was to purchase a ciggerate box filled with ideas instead of buying a box of cigerates. Cool eh!

I only drum!

I ended up buying one coz of the idea and the lovely sales lady. She had such a lovely smile and ended up blushing when I asked her if I could shoot her.
Off we headed for Gadoh by . Now the story was predictable but the acting and flow was quite good. What I was irritated with was the poor lighting and cinematography.
It made watching the movie irritating as I kept mumbling about it. They could have just used the 1/3 rule and shot outdoors most of the time since it is a school based movie.

A fan

The thing that irritates me is, I later watch super low budget short movies that I didn’t get (surrealism) but I loved the cinematography. Simple clean and nice lighting.

So try to marry them both will ya?

Right after Gadoh, they started with the live performance by the Tugu Drum Circle. Every Sunday evening, this group meets up at the Tugu memorial and drums away, I haven’t been able to catch them yet till Urbanscapes. Wow they were awesome and together with the Rythm in Bronze group they created amazing magic. One of the ladies had such a beautiful voice, we were mesmerized. And I love the smiles on their faces while they played.

Pop Shuvit

Feeling much more cooler, we headed outside coz I wanted to catch Pop Shuvit in concert. We were right in front next to the speakers. Actually we were standing to the back and side of the speaker at first, but our ear drums threatened to burst, we quickly went to stand at the side, which was right below the stage. They rocked the show. They have some wild fans, they were a bunch of guys jumping at each other and one gal (barely 15 I think) tried to pull Moots (the lead singer) shorts down. Hehehe it freaked him out and he practically jumped back. I was laughing my head off, though I think I lost my hearing.

Pop Shuvit

We came out after that and listed to Yuna for a bit. Nice sounds funky dressing (she managed to make the muslim veil cool). We decided to go see other things after that. That’s when we saw this little gal running around with a bunch of balloons. She was just mesmerizing and so entertained by her balloons. The parents were amused seeing us watch her and told us she’s been at it for more than 30 minutes. ;p


That’s when we heard the drums and figured the Tugu drummers were at the drum circle. As we were getting there we were sidelined by a frozen Joker. There was a group doing impromptu poses as their character would do. I didn’t get their name though. One of our friends was in it as well.


While it was fun, the drums calling was getting louder and we were pulled there. Anyone was invited to join the circle and beat a tune. So after watching the first round, I decided to try my hand at it. I thought I took 10 mins, Kerv swears I was beating for an hour! Weird it really felt like 10 minutes!

Once they broke for a break we headed to get some food and drinks and that’s when fatigue finally hit us. I had wanted to catch more concerts later, but everyone was on a break till 8. So we decided to head back when we bumped into fire swingers. Well Kerv smelt kerosene and that’s how we knew they were gonna spin fire! Coz when I asked one of their members she told me no.

The Tugu drummers Butter-fire-flies

Oooh fire spinning is always fun, I think I never grew out of my obsession with shiny things! After that we said goodbye to Urbanscapes and headed home.

Urbanscapes 2009 was definetly good, I do wish we’d seen traditional performances as well and more dance. Maybe for 2010?

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