Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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The fact that I had to get up early on a Sunday morning didn’t go down too well with my head. I was about to growl at some imaginary person when I realized I put myself to this! Hence the first question I asked everyone at the presentation was anyone still sleepy? ;p

The morning started off with a introduction of the newcomers followed by a short icebreaking game. As everyone was laughing their heads off I had to present.

The presentation went on well, I think I made people laugh, coz well they were laughing. I had lots of questions and people seemed to be having fun and apparently people were twittering as we spoke. So presentation was a success. I like people who interact!

I managed to catch 2 presentations before I left for KLPAC, one on Sikh weddings and the other on Malay weddings. After grabbing a quick lunch got there and started bullying Kerv to pose for me.

We made friends with some of the cast of Mak Yong who were enjoying our photos. When we were urged to watch, I quickly said I’d already watched on the first day and kerv was going for the 3pm show. Anyone who missed the show definitely missed a bout of laughter.

There was one shot that was the crowd puller, people would be walking straight and suddenly make a detour! It was a shot that nearly didn’t make the exhibition. I’ve been teasing Kerv about it. Most of the walk in visitors or people who had arrived for the shows would be drawn to it and only then see the rest.

Again ppl loved reading the stories that went with the photos. A few friends dropped by. Ppl who had heard about the exhibition were also there, we even had one guy come back with more friends to show our work. Much appreciated!

Oh the restaurant serves amazing bruschetta – I’d buy both the mushroom and the classic at one go if I were you. And split them. That’s what the both of us did! They are pretty generous with the toppings so eating is a messy affair. One bad point though it made me even hungrier!

Despite the fun, I couldn’t wait to go home coz I was pooped and I still had things to do at home.

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