Monday, June 15, 2009


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I was cursing poor 2009 for a string of events when I realized why blame 2009 for doing me good and relieving me of parasites.

What else can you call “friends” who are around when they need you, when they need to cry and someone to listen, when they have problems with their family, boyfriend; when they need to complain about their bfs and then act goody two shoes with those poor unsuspecting guys, when they call you at such odd hours of the day, when they need people to hang out with, when they need to use your name to sneak out and lie to their parents, when they need entertainment, when you agree to their rules and regulations, when you shake your head and agree to everything they say and smile sweetly, when you do things for them, when they need your help, information or access to people, when they squeeze knowledge and information from you but never acknowledge them, when they use your images and never acknowledge them, when they had no life and needed you to introduce friends and show them how to enjoy life.

Parasites who make snide remarks about you when they don’t get what they want, who glorify their selves when they put you down, who put you and your character down when you didn’t bend to their rules and regulations, who restricted you with rules but don’t follow the same set of rules, who are rude to you once they’ve sucked everything they needed from you.

So yes 2009 is the year you get rid of parasites. Thank god for it.
As a friend said last night “if someone calls you selfish or negative for being the same person you have always been, agree and remember karma will bite soon!”

So yes I am selfish for being who I have always been and standing for my rights and beliefs.

Yes I am such a bad influence for agreeing to lie and always being there for you.

Parasites always try to bring people down, but there is karma and god is always watching. No one who has ever broken my trust or deceived me has ever escaped karma. I can tell you stories.

Of course when you have god sending you great news and lovely surprises everytime parasites emerge, it changes your outlook and pushes you forward even more. When karma bites, I will hear about it and remember I will laugh at you.

Thanks 2009 and god ;p

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