Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysian MJ fans sing

Thanks to the guy who recorded this, you’ll be able to hear the Sony Malaysian Tribute for Michael Jackson at 1 Utama. Just listen to the fans sing to Heal The World and you will get goosebumps. I’m somewhere in the video yeah I was like 4th row from the stage.

Then check out this article, a really sad one. Also my fav video so far on tributes around the world, theres another one on CNN that I love, the first view of Harlem as the news broke.

For 30 minutes of video showing most of the events at the tribute, check out these videos.

And finally a tribute by Malaysian band Pop Shuvit at Urbanscapes 2009.


mala said...

damn, wish i was there too!! btw, did i mention how much i love your new skin? he was indeed a genius and will be terribly missed. then again, Thank God for all the songs he's left behind.. all that'll live and sing his praise for centuries to come!

visithra said...

mala : yeah it was a good place to be for fans - thanks - im loving it too - tempted to leave it even after aug - so lets see - apparently theres some 200 songs and definetly a video he was working on - n the videos from his rehearsal - funny though his death has sparked new followings - its like people just woke up to his music - thats how relevant his music still is