Friday, June 26, 2009

Love you MJ

How could you go?

Why did you have to go?

My dear dear MJ

When I was a kid, I grew up watching you dance and sing. I was so crazy about you. So was my family, I remember we'd sit and watch your shows on this show that was called the golden Disco or something. The thing is we watched you as a family, my parents who weren't crazy of western music would watch you. That's how much we loved you.

I was the kid who didn't understand the words of Billie Jean but you walking through that street lighting up each stone still bewitches me. Your videos were revolutionary, your music amazing and your dance just out of this world. Your music shaped my life.

I loved every single song of yours, I can't pinpoint just one song that was my most favourite. YOu were the only King of Pop for me. I'd get so angry if anyone criticised you. So much so if anyone said anything I'd just walk away or tell them to stop saying anything about you.

You had to pick 1996 to come to Malaysia! I was so devastated. There was no way my parents would let me go not when we were having our trials at the same time! My whole class had always been fans, yes thank god for that.

We were super crazy about you just as many teens from our era. People who loved you with all our heart, people who were blessed to have grown up watching you.

Yet 2 of my classmates did go and I don't think anyone of us concentrated on our trials. All we could do was relive their moments at the concert. They told us every little thing, in between our papers. We'd finish one paper start talking about you and then sit for the next.

Those 2 still rub it in. the fact that they got to watch you.

That was my lifes biggest regret not watching you in concert. I've always hoped you'd come again, I've always hoped I'd see you perform somehow, I've always wished I could meet you one day.

How am I supposed to see you now?

I'm crying writing this, my moms laughing at me. You didn't even cry at your fathers funeral?

The world has lost an amazing man, musician, the man with no bones who went through so much. I'm losing the icon of my life. He deserves every single tear. You went to soon Michael. 2 months short of your 51st birthday!

God bless you Michael. I will always love you.

29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009

Your crazy fan who is still in shock


ps : the banner will remain till the end of August as a tribute to MJ


Chris said...

My sentiments exactly...We grew up watching him..amazed by his moves, thrilled by his songs, moved by his heart..

Anonymous said...

Uh ho... man.. you are terrible!

visithra said...

chris : indeed

mstaggart : amen

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