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We often feel saddened by stories of children suffering around the world.

But what about our own children who are abandoned, left to beg, victims of abuse or just plain forgotten?

A lot of kids in Malaysia are left to fend for themselves or their siblings. These children remain invisible to most. We seem them begging on the streets, sometimes supervised by their parents, and instead of asking the kids why they aren’t at school we ignore or hand over money.

On one of my visits to spend time with the children of AGATHIANS SHELTER, this little one tells me he wants to pose for me and strikes this pose.

AGATHIANS SHELTER in PJ is a registered orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults. The home runs on private funds. It was set up to save a group of children from being turned out to the street and to provide a home for them.

The children are from various backgrounds; some are orphaned, some only have a single parent who can't afford to feed them and others are either abandoned or neglected. There are currently 30 boys (all under 18 years old) residing in the home.

Most of the children are from families that are no longer capable of looking after them, so there were quite a number of them who are siblings. There are at least 40 kids on a waiting list to get into the home. Any kind of help, monetary, voluntary or necessities can help ensure these children remain hopeful of a brighter future.

Is there hope for these children? You can make a difference.

Find out more info about them at or
Phone : 03-7954 1680


This was one of the stories that were displayed together with our exhibited photographs during my June exhibition in/Visible 2009.

Our aim was to tell stories with our photos. Each photo was accompanied by a story or message we wanted to share. SO take your time to read them and our synopsis to understand what we did. People really enjoyed the stories from our feedback. Only we knew how much we raked our heads to find the right story from our blogs and write a few fresh ones.

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