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After a tiring week or months, I allowed myself extra hours of sleep before getting up to finalise my presentation slides for Shootfest. I then rushed to KLPAC for our exhibition.

We had a good time, some people came by after seeing my work in the previous exhibition. He was specially amazed that my photos with the point and shoot were so good. He had earlier emailed me asking why I shot with one. I told him and everyone as always, its not the camera, its how you use the camera to your abilities.

After having problems with the lighting at our exhibition area the last time, I forced myself to shoot with a flash and the photos turned out awesome. Though my hand hurts from lugging the monstorous duo around. Got some lovely shots of Kervin.

We’ve had some interesting reaction from the media, a few dropped by and had some lovely things to say. More contacted me through out the week and who knows we may have more post coverage. Funny thing is I sent to the same ones (most) previously and am only getting their attention now. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

We met this lovely couple who run, an event syndicating website. It helps to have such websites when so many events in KL go unnoticed. Like the photo exhibition of James Natchwey last month. Damn now I remember his name – couldn’t recall his name yesterday!

We had amazing conversations on our photography theme, photography in general, the passion and the stories we had written. Yes each photo comes with a story, that’s 20 stories altogether.

Quite a number of people were seen reading each piece. I was most happy to see people take down Agathians Shelter’s number, I’m featuring one of the kids there, in the hopes people realize there are more kids in Malaysia who need help. So let’s look at our own disadvantaged ones before helping others.

I met my lovely kid there again. He’s just as adorable, though people think he’s a gal! Well can’t blame him for having curly locks. He seemed more attached to me this time, and was circling me most of the time till people thought he was my kid despite the zilch resemblance. Oh well I don’t mind ;p He keeps me happy! Though most of the time I can’t understand him, he has his own language!

The surprise meet was a friend popping by. It was her first visit to KLPAC and we kinda reconnected after a long time. She was so happy to know we were having an exhibition there. Kerv had to add she always bumps into people everywhere! ;p BTW she now owes her friend 3 favours! ;p

The interesting part was her friend was a former resident of Pekeliling and he was transfixed in front of those photos.

Eventhough the blocks we photographed weren’t the ones he lived in, it brought back memories for him. He shared some stories with us and reaffirmed the fact I wasn’t imagining the sights and sounds I had heard when I had been there.

These heartfelt reactions from our visitors has left us pretty satisfied at doing the exhibition. The taxing time spent writing those stories and finding them from the blog paid off and we have no regrets. Will write more on day 2 tomorrow!

In/Visible runs from 1 – 14 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here

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