Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An energy - Music

Caged love

The power of music is only realized by a few. Music has always been my pathway to god. Every single time I sing, I look at it as an aradhana or offering.

I was at the temple on Friday and seeing that they were not many people and I was itching to sing. I sat down and sang all my fav songs. I hadn’t been to the temple for a long time, neither have I been singing.

Eyes closed, I could feel energy vibrate through me. I cannot explain this feeling. But occasionally she energises me with her grace. Since I was a child, I play a game with her while I sing, if she wants more songs, she would have to show me a sing and so as a song ends, a bell would ring or I’d hear the sounds of the gecko (we have a thing with them).

At the last song, tears whelmed my eyes, not of despair but that one songs energy sometimes moves me to tears. I was reminded of the time I sat at the feet of Mysore Chamundeshwari singing her songs and she bestowed me with an oorvalam just as I was about to leave.

Her beautiful face shown like a full moon night. We had spent the whole day famished on a train due to another derailed train. That was when I realized why we had gotten stuck, just to see her that close as she danced on the shoulders of her devotees around the courtyard of her temple.

I opened my eyes drowned in the vibration, it’s a high you’ll have to experience to understand. Stand in the midst of the sounds of the chenna mella and trumpets of Kerala as they play with your soul, increasing and decreasing the rhythm, you move unknowilling and most of the time unwillingly to the sway of the music. That was the energy I felt and it took all my effort to walk out slowly.

Thunbameh eyarkai ennum sohlai marandhiduvohm
Inbameh vehndi nirphom yathum aval tharuval
Nambhinor Kedhuvathillai nangu maari theerpu
Abhigaiyai saran pugunthal adhigavaram peralam
- Mahakavi Bharathi -

Let us forget that life is filled with problems, pray for happiness and she shall bestow it all

Seek her truly and fully, mother does not betray, she will shower you with love and happiness

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