Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Malaysian MJ fans sing

Thanks to the guy who recorded this, you’ll be able to hear the Sony Malaysian Tribute for Michael Jackson at 1 Utama. Just listen to the fans sing to Heal The World and you will get goosebumps. I’m somewhere in the video yeah I was like 4th row from the stage.

Then check out this article, a really sad one. Also my fav video so far on tributes around the world, theres another one on CNN that I love, the first view of Harlem as the news broke.

For 30 minutes of video showing most of the events at the tribute, check out these videos.

And finally a tribute by Malaysian band Pop Shuvit at Urbanscapes 2009.

Monday, June 29, 2009

MJ Tribute Malaysia

MJ Tribute Malaysia, originally uploaded by visithra.

When I heard Sony was holding a tribute for MJ at I utama, I knew I had to be there.

By the time I reached 1 Utama at 6.15pm, most of the seats had been taken and I had been worried I’d be too early. I didn’t attend 2 weddings to be there. I knew I’d be a wreck if I missed it. I’m still wondering why they gated that space in front of the stage, it really never made sense.

I’d gone alone coz I really don’t have friends who love MJ that much. It didn’t matter coz quite a number of people turned up just to be somewhere where people understood our lost. I ended up making friends with a gal who had been there earlier than me and a bunch of MJ fans.

MJ Tribute Malaysia The one who worked with MJ

I was interviewed for Hitz.fm by Adam C, and I just went on and on about MJ. I think it was about my first memory of him and what I thought of his music and my favourite song. I said I loved all his songs but at the moment it would be They don’t really care about us. To me that was a song that really hit the note on emotional stress MJ went through. Sadly they didn’t play that song.

The next guy he interviewed seemed familiar. I think he was the former dj at a club I used to frequent. The interesting part of him was he managed to work on MJs concert in 96. He became the poster boy for the press with his Tshirt from the show.

Another MJ MJ Nada Too young Young Fan
They played a tribute video of what Jackson meant to many celebrities and then a sting of videos of his no 1 hits. The crowd would go crazy everytime he moonwalked. I wish we danced but the only soul that was dancing was this guy who pretty much hyped up the rest of us at that point. I guess the ropes barring us from sitting anywhere close left us feeling caged. We finally broke lose and just sat down and began singing and moving to his music. As time passed the placed was brimming with people from all ages.

Yeah I was sitting with a bunch of fans who didn’t care if people were looking at us, we just sang and clapped in rhythm to his songs. I was surprised I could still remember most of the lyrics, you see I have a bad memory, I can’t remember most songs I listen to. They had started opening the tribute wall for the fans to sign. The paper and guestbook will be flown to the US and delivered to the Jackson family. We were continuously eyeing the wall as there we were so close yet we didn’t go and sign as we didn’t want to lose our spot near the stage.

3 impersonators made their way on stage. Most Indians would be familiar with MJ Nada as he has been a local impersonator for some 20 years and a familiar face in the local industry and can he move! His speech left some of us teary eyed for a moment. But the mood of the night was more of a celebration of his music. We got goosebumps but we remembered him they way he should be remembered with music and dance.

The stage was then opened to the public to perform. This guy Pravin had drove down from Seremban to attend the tribute and my god he can really sing. So could the others who took turns dancing or singing. One 12 year old kid had our hearts brimming with joy as he moonwalked across the stage.

The one slack tribute was this So You Can Dance competition winner who made up his own steps during his piece. That we also can do.

We finally got to sway to his music as we held our candles high up and sang to You are not alone, Man in the mirror and Heal the world. The sad reality is MJ has written songs for his demise. ;(

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says
That you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you're far away
I am here to stay

For you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
For you are not alone
….you are not alone….

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon
….gone too soon….

The wall MJ Tribute Malaysia Music for all ages

It was a touching moment. Everyone old or young was singing to the songs. Everyone had a story to tell, share and a love to express. We finally headed to the board to sign our own messages. The spot I was eyeing was still empty, the only problem, I had to crawl, stretch and do gymnastics to write there – hence the bad hand writing.

After signing the book and singing Heal the world for one last time, we finally left.

In the guestbook My message

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last to know

I was probably one of the last people on earth to find out about MJ's death. I'd been home the last two days recovering from fever and going in and out of sleep at the oddest hours. I'd only slept at 6.30ish am on friday morning as all that medicine and s;eeping had screwed up my sleeping pattern. yes i had gone to sleep as the world woke up to the news of his death.

i got up around 9ish to inform the office i was still on mc and then dozed off again. i usually have the radio on as i drift in an out of sleep and prefer waking to the sound of the radio then to silence.

around 1ish i drop out of sleep to hear MJ on radio 6. Just as I was about to go back to sleep, the words MIchael jacksonin maraivu (the passing of Michael Jackson) and immediately I jumped out of bed to ask my mom did MJ die.

She asked me back the same question.

Frantic for an answer I logged online to read the devastating news. He was really gone, I was so shocked, my idol was gone. A part of my life had been cruelly taken away. All I knew was I had to write a tribute to the man who shaped my musical life, and I frantically searched the net for his photos as I typed my erratic tribute.

Few months ago I had been clearing up my memory drawer, you see I'm a hoarder I collect everything imaginable. and there were my media cut outs off MJ's visit to Malaysia. Yes I still have them and there was no way I was gonna throw them or Galaxie's issue with MJ on the cover.

Since MJ became less popular with the public in the last decade, I stopped talking about him to most people. You see I cannot take anyone criticising the great musician, it would just upset me and a few times I ended up arguing with people about him. Precisely the same reason I never write about him in the blog.

People had forgotten the amazing music he created, the beautiful messages in them, his contribution to children causes. how could people forget We are the world? The once famous anthem for children, is rarely sang anywhere now. I doubt if the younger generation even knows the song. So you don't like him, but 45 different artist sang in that song, a song that's still relevant and beautiful today yet you rarely hear it anywhere.

He was just wacko jacko to everyone, the man with the weird face and nose.

Did anyone ever sit back to remember the life he had, abused by his father, always in the limelight, and pressured to pefection and a family who always made fun of him? Despite that or his insecurities he always sang beautiful songs, that were usually songs filled with joy.

I only have one regret in life. most people would laugh at me or snicker. You see I see all my failures, mistakes or unfortunate events as the fingers that helped mold me as a person. Without them, without having to overcome them I wouldn't be the person I am today. If I could go back in time I wouldn't have changed anything but one thing.

I regret not attending MJ's 1996 concert in Malaysia. Not only was it my SPM trial week, I didn't want to burden my parents with the tickets that cost around RM 200. Dad was still paying for his kidney transplant, and I didn't think it would be fair on them though I don't think I could have convinced dad to let me go.

Now I will never be able to rectify my one regret. It may sound silly to you but not to me. I was telling my friend earlier "let me tell you how obsessed I am with MJ."

i have an MJ test criteria for love. I would never date anyone who hated MJ, they didn't have to love him but they'd have to like him the least. lol

So i don't know how many posts I will end up posting but that's the only way I can deal with grief or any emotion for that matter. According to 2 sources there will be a tribute for MJ at 1 Utama on SUnday. I'm not sure if its at 1pm or 7 pm, both KLUE and The Star have different timings.

The beauty of MJ has been the fact that his fans have been singing and dancing to his tumes all over the world since his passing. So I hoe this tribute materialises and we get a chance to celebrate him here as well.

I still wish this was just a PR stunt. ;(

Friday, June 26, 2009

Love you MJ

How could you go?

Why did you have to go?

My dear dear MJ

When I was a kid, I grew up watching you dance and sing. I was so crazy about you. So was my family, I remember we'd sit and watch your shows on this show that was called the golden Disco or something. The thing is we watched you as a family, my parents who weren't crazy of western music would watch you. That's how much we loved you.

I was the kid who didn't understand the words of Billie Jean but you walking through that street lighting up each stone still bewitches me. Your videos were revolutionary, your music amazing and your dance just out of this world. Your music shaped my life.

I loved every single song of yours, I can't pinpoint just one song that was my most favourite. YOu were the only King of Pop for me. I'd get so angry if anyone criticised you. So much so if anyone said anything I'd just walk away or tell them to stop saying anything about you.

You had to pick 1996 to come to Malaysia! I was so devastated. There was no way my parents would let me go not when we were having our trials at the same time! My whole class had always been fans, yes thank god for that.

We were super crazy about you just as many teens from our era. People who loved you with all our heart, people who were blessed to have grown up watching you.

Yet 2 of my classmates did go and I don't think anyone of us concentrated on our trials. All we could do was relive their moments at the concert. They told us every little thing, in between our papers. We'd finish one paper start talking about you and then sit for the next.

Those 2 still rub it in. the fact that they got to watch you.

That was my lifes biggest regret not watching you in concert. I've always hoped you'd come again, I've always hoped I'd see you perform somehow, I've always wished I could meet you one day.

How am I supposed to see you now?

I'm crying writing this, my moms laughing at me. You didn't even cry at your fathers funeral?

The world has lost an amazing man, musician, the man with no bones who went through so much. I'm losing the icon of my life. He deserves every single tear. You went to soon Michael. 2 months short of your 51st birthday!

God bless you Michael. I will always love you.

29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009

Your crazy fan who is still in shock


ps : the banner will remain till the end of August as a tribute to MJ

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Waiting, originally uploaded by visithra.

“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.”
W. M. Lewis

We’re often waiting for things to happen, things to be handed to us, opportunity to find its way to us or simply waiting for the right time to do something.

We play the waiting game, hoping everything will fall into place. Patience does pay, but without trying or making the first initiative, you’re left with nothing.

Push yourself to do things, even if it means sleeping less hours of the day, seek out opportunities, you might fail the first 1000 times, but you could win the 1001th time. We wouldn’t have electricity of Albert Alva Edison had given up the 1st time he tried and only succeeding at the 1000th attempt!

Most of all do not give up on your dreams, somehow, sometime it will become reality.

ps : thanks to a friend for the quote when i was raking my head finding one

Monday, June 22, 2009


Do you want this?, originally uploaded by visithra.

We often feel saddened by stories of children suffering around the world.

But what about our own children who are abandoned, left to beg, victims of abuse or just plain forgotten?

A lot of kids in Malaysia are left to fend for themselves or their siblings. These children remain invisible to most. We seem them begging on the streets, sometimes supervised by their parents, and instead of asking the kids why they aren’t at school we ignore or hand over money.

On one of my visits to spend time with the children of AGATHIANS SHELTER, this little one tells me he wants to pose for me and strikes this pose.

AGATHIANS SHELTER in PJ is a registered orphanage for boys that was founded in 2003 by a team of young adults. The home runs on private funds. It was set up to save a group of children from being turned out to the street and to provide a home for them.

The children are from various backgrounds; some are orphaned, some only have a single parent who can't afford to feed them and others are either abandoned or neglected. There are currently 30 boys (all under 18 years old) residing in the home.

Most of the children are from families that are no longer capable of looking after them, so there were quite a number of them who are siblings. There are at least 40 kids on a waiting list to get into the home. Any kind of help, monetary, voluntary or necessities can help ensure these children remain hopeful of a brighter future.

Is there hope for these children? You can make a difference.

Find out more info about them at www.agathians.org/ or
Phone : 03-7954 1680


This was one of the stories that were displayed together with our exhibited photographs during my June exhibition in/Visible 2009.

Our aim was to tell stories with our photos. Each photo was accompanied by a story or message we wanted to share. SO take your time to read them and our synopsis to understand what we did. People really enjoyed the stories from our feedback. Only we knew how much we raked our heads to find the right story from our blogs and write a few fresh ones.

To see the rest http://v-eyez.blogspot.com/2009/06/curiosity.html

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rockstar: Inxs

I’m having a music moment. There is one reality show that beat all shows, Rockstar: inxs. Most of the singers on that show were amazing, creative and had just amazing voices. Sadly no of them actually made it. My favourite was Jordis Unga. I still hope Jordis Unga will release an album, instead she’s singing for private functions! Someone give this woman a record deal!

There was of course the winner who was another favourite. Wonder what happened to INXS after that? I did love Pretty Vegas.

While we're on music - let's have a dose of Queens coz I just felt like listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. Which ended with me getting hooked to Love of My life. Just so beautiful, though I have an aching question, there seems to be less and less clothes on Freddie, while the rest of the band members are fully clothed. Did he ever go all out? ;p

Anyway enjoy the music, I’ll be at KLPAC for our last weekend at our exhibition.
In/Visible runs from 1 – 21 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

After 17 years???? No needlah

I just read they awarded the late Sudirman a datukship (honorary title) and I’m like what???

You waited 17 years after he died to do that??? Why the hell would he want one? Why the hell does he need one? After P Ramlee, he would be the one loved by all Malaysians, everyone listened to him, even my mom! So I leave you with songs from that amazing man.

He sings in Malay but trust me just watch the video, you’ll laugh ur head off.

This song was written by him for our national day.

He sings the Banana Boat Song

He sings a song from Sangam – mere mangke gange

Singing a Chinese song

On an infamous road here

Not a porsche!

Magic, originally uploaded by visithra.

There was a Porsche parked outside an engagement party we were headed to. A stylish yummy silver one. My mom quickly goes.

Mom: Is that a Ferrari

Me: Nope, that’s a Porsche

Mom: Can’t you settle for a Porsche?

Me: Nope only Ferrari’s

Mom: It’s a pretty car!

Me: Yes but no I want a brand new red Ferrari all for myself!

Mom: My daughter is useless!!

Me: Thank you ;p

Hehehe coded story, details of which will not be revealed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An energy - Music

Caged love

The power of music is only realized by a few. Music has always been my pathway to god. Every single time I sing, I look at it as an aradhana or offering.

I was at the temple on Friday and seeing that they were not many people and I was itching to sing. I sat down and sang all my fav songs. I hadn’t been to the temple for a long time, neither have I been singing.

Eyes closed, I could feel energy vibrate through me. I cannot explain this feeling. But occasionally she energises me with her grace. Since I was a child, I play a game with her while I sing, if she wants more songs, she would have to show me a sing and so as a song ends, a bell would ring or I’d hear the sounds of the gecko (we have a thing with them).

At the last song, tears whelmed my eyes, not of despair but that one songs energy sometimes moves me to tears. I was reminded of the time I sat at the feet of Mysore Chamundeshwari singing her songs and she bestowed me with an oorvalam just as I was about to leave.

Her beautiful face shown like a full moon night. We had spent the whole day famished on a train due to another derailed train. That was when I realized why we had gotten stuck, just to see her that close as she danced on the shoulders of her devotees around the courtyard of her temple.

I opened my eyes drowned in the vibration, it’s a high you’ll have to experience to understand. Stand in the midst of the sounds of the chenna mella and trumpets of Kerala as they play with your soul, increasing and decreasing the rhythm, you move unknowilling and most of the time unwillingly to the sway of the music. That was the energy I felt and it took all my effort to walk out slowly.

Thunbameh eyarkai ennum sohlai marandhiduvohm
Inbameh vehndi nirphom yathum aval tharuval
Nambhinor Kedhuvathillai nangu maari theerpu
Abhigaiyai saran pugunthal adhigavaram peralam
- Mahakavi Bharathi -

Let us forget that life is filled with problems, pray for happiness and she shall bestow it all

Seek her truly and fully, mother does not betray, she will shower you with love and happiness

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Steve Mccurry

Steve Mccurry , originally uploaded by visithra.

Thanks to the American Embassy and Annexe Gallery we had the privilege to attend a talk by the famous photographer Steve Mcurry. He is the man who shot the Afghan Girl for National Geographic.

Truthfully I don’t think that’s his best shot, my fav is this shot of a lady and a child peeking into his taxi on a rainy day in Mumbai the other is this sculpture engrossed in his work surrounded by his creations again in India. The other was a shot in a mosque in Srinagar where light streams through magically. Apparently they got a letter asking why the lights were at different angles, only then did he think of it and realized it may have been distorted by the use of a wide angle lens.


He has been to India 85 times and still exclaims his amazement of the country and another 35 times to Afghanistan. His photos to me have a sense of celebration of life and hope and doesn’t focus on the poverty or the conflicts in that country. I asked him was it a personal choice to do so.

“I never liked shooting the combat, to me it was the people caught in between that I felt an urge to capture. The innocent bystanders of war who have no choice but to continue living in these conditions that inspire me to shoot.”


“I look for human connections, I try to shoot other things but I’m always drawn to people and humanity.”

“What I shoot is never different from what I see and feel."

He remembered every single location he had been to and if we had more time he’d probably tell us stories from each place. He was a true story teller.

I had 2 more questions to ask him did he have a favourite country and a least favourite, but his presentation kinda answered it for me.

I also wanted to ask there are no cities and skyscrapers here or on your site, do you dislike shooting city folks? I don’t blame him – they aren’t the nicest.

I think Mr Gear head in front annoyed him who kept asking about his gears. If you must know he travels with 5 lenses but usually never changes his lens and only uses one and prefers natural light. See even the great think it’s irrelevant so why are you obsessed with lenses? I think he has an obsession of light too, check out his galleries there’s one for shadow and light!

He is known to do dangerous stunts like sticking out of a moving train watching his breakfast delivered from the outside (it arrived somewhat cold with a toast or two missing!) and patiently waiting for hours for the right shot.

We paparazied him later, as we were trying to get a shot with him, so we kinda squeezed into a spot net to him. Then as we were heading back, we caught him at his van. The organizers wanted a shot with him so I offered to shoot It for them. In return we bugged him to pose with us. Oh well I’m allowed to be a crazy fan once in a while.

Had a good time meeting old friends and meeting some flickr photogs for the first time and making new friends. Yep we even had time for that ;p


Monday, June 15, 2009


Light vs darkness, originally uploaded by visithra.

I was cursing poor 2009 for a string of events when I realized why blame 2009 for doing me good and relieving me of parasites.

What else can you call “friends” who are around when they need you, when they need to cry and someone to listen, when they have problems with their family, boyfriend; when they need to complain about their bfs and then act goody two shoes with those poor unsuspecting guys, when they call you at such odd hours of the day, when they need people to hang out with, when they need to use your name to sneak out and lie to their parents, when they need entertainment, when you agree to their rules and regulations, when you shake your head and agree to everything they say and smile sweetly, when you do things for them, when they need your help, information or access to people, when they squeeze knowledge and information from you but never acknowledge them, when they use your images and never acknowledge them, when they had no life and needed you to introduce friends and show them how to enjoy life.

Parasites who make snide remarks about you when they don’t get what they want, who glorify their selves when they put you down, who put you and your character down when you didn’t bend to their rules and regulations, who restricted you with rules but don’t follow the same set of rules, who are rude to you once they’ve sucked everything they needed from you.

So yes 2009 is the year you get rid of parasites. Thank god for it.
As a friend said last night “if someone calls you selfish or negative for being the same person you have always been, agree and remember karma will bite soon!”

So yes I am selfish for being who I have always been and standing for my rights and beliefs.

Yes I am such a bad influence for agreeing to lie and always being there for you.

Parasites always try to bring people down, but there is karma and god is always watching. No one who has ever broken my trust or deceived me has ever escaped karma. I can tell you stories.

Of course when you have god sending you great news and lovely surprises everytime parasites emerge, it changes your outlook and pushes you forward even more. When karma bites, I will hear about it and remember I will laugh at you.

Thanks 2009 and god ;p

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smile on us

Dear Senthil its been 11 years since you left us so suddenly one sunday morning. i can still remember all the jokes and laughter we had together, all those late night calls that used to irk my dad. tears stream down still as I remember you. smile down on us always dear friend, you are still missed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo addict

Grace , originally uploaded by visithra.

.... I admit I am one.

Today morning I found an sms from a friend telling me I had won a contest by a particular company. Now just last night I had been trying to submit photos to a competition and in my morning blurness all I could think off was ....

but but I didn't submit photos to any competition so far? especially said company.

So I smsed my friend and he tells me, I won an online slogan competition. Lol signs you're a photo addict, all other competition wins are dismissed as you can remember submitting photos to them! ;p

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ghost Proof

I was on my way back from watching a show when I got a distressed call from a very sleepy mom.

Why are you screaming??

Errr I’m not at home

I can hear you screaming

Ooooh maybe theres a ghost at home

I dreamt you were screaming

No no I think it’s a ghost

Shut UP!

And mom promptly put the phone down ;p hehehe

Ps : my mom believes our house is ghost proof ;p I like to tease her whenever i get the chance.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Ummmm, originally uploaded by visithra.

The fact that I had to get up early on a Sunday morning didn’t go down too well with my head. I was about to growl at some imaginary person when I realized I put myself to this! Hence the first question I asked everyone at the presentation was anyone still sleepy? ;p

The morning started off with a introduction of the newcomers followed by a short icebreaking game. As everyone was laughing their heads off I had to present.

The presentation went on well, I think I made people laugh, coz well they were laughing. I had lots of questions and people seemed to be having fun and apparently people were twittering as we spoke. So presentation was a success. I like people who interact!

I managed to catch 2 presentations before I left for KLPAC, one on Sikh weddings and the other on Malay weddings. After grabbing a quick lunch got there and started bullying Kerv to pose for me.

We made friends with some of the cast of Mak Yong who were enjoying our photos. When we were urged to watch, I quickly said I’d already watched on the first day and kerv was going for the 3pm show. Anyone who missed the show definitely missed a bout of laughter.

There was one shot that was the crowd puller, people would be walking straight and suddenly make a detour! It was a shot that nearly didn’t make the exhibition. I’ve been teasing Kerv about it. Most of the walk in visitors or people who had arrived for the shows would be drawn to it and only then see the rest.

Again ppl loved reading the stories that went with the photos. A few friends dropped by. Ppl who had heard about the exhibition were also there, we even had one guy come back with more friends to show our work. Much appreciated!

Oh the restaurant serves amazing bruschetta – I’d buy both the mushroom and the classic at one go if I were you. And split them. That’s what the both of us did! They are pretty generous with the toppings so eating is a messy affair. One bad point though it made me even hungrier!

Despite the fun, I couldn’t wait to go home coz I was pooped and I still had things to do at home.

Monday, June 08, 2009


Hey, originally uploaded by visithra.

After a tiring week or months, I allowed myself extra hours of sleep before getting up to finalise my presentation slides for Shootfest. I then rushed to KLPAC for our exhibition.

We had a good time, some people came by after seeing my work in the previous exhibition. He was specially amazed that my photos with the point and shoot were so good. He had earlier emailed me asking why I shot with one. I told him and everyone as always, its not the camera, its how you use the camera to your abilities.

After having problems with the lighting at our exhibition area the last time, I forced myself to shoot with a flash and the photos turned out awesome. Though my hand hurts from lugging the monstorous duo around. Got some lovely shots of Kervin.

We’ve had some interesting reaction from the media, a few dropped by and had some lovely things to say. More contacted me through out the week and who knows we may have more post coverage. Funny thing is I sent to the same ones (most) previously and am only getting their attention now. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

We met this lovely couple who run www.mustgolah.com, an event syndicating website. It helps to have such websites when so many events in KL go unnoticed. Like the photo exhibition of James Natchwey last month. Damn now I remember his name – couldn’t recall his name yesterday!

We had amazing conversations on our photography theme, photography in general, the passion and the stories we had written. Yes each photo comes with a story, that’s 20 stories altogether.

Quite a number of people were seen reading each piece. I was most happy to see people take down Agathians Shelter’s number, I’m featuring one of the kids there, in the hopes people realize there are more kids in Malaysia who need help. So let’s look at our own disadvantaged ones before helping others.

I met my lovely kid there again. He’s just as adorable, though people think he’s a gal! Well can’t blame him for having curly locks. He seemed more attached to me this time, and was circling me most of the time till people thought he was my kid despite the zilch resemblance. Oh well I don’t mind ;p He keeps me happy! Though most of the time I can’t understand him, he has his own language!

The surprise meet was a friend popping by. It was her first visit to KLPAC and we kinda reconnected after a long time. She was so happy to know we were having an exhibition there. Kerv had to add she always bumps into people everywhere! ;p BTW she now owes her friend 3 favours! ;p

The interesting part was her friend was a former resident of Pekeliling and he was transfixed in front of those photos.

Eventhough the blocks we photographed weren’t the ones he lived in, it brought back memories for him. He shared some stories with us and reaffirmed the fact I wasn’t imagining the sights and sounds I had heard when I had been there.

These heartfelt reactions from our visitors has left us pretty satisfied at doing the exhibition. The taxing time spent writing those stories and finding them from the blog paid off and we have no regrets. Will write more on day 2 tomorrow!

In/Visible runs from 1 – 14 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here

Friday, June 05, 2009

We're up in the moon!

We're up in the moon! , originally uploaded by visithra.

I was looking up at the moon and the blue sky at KLPAC when I realized our photos were put up on the standing posters as well! They added us in all their marketing brochures. But the huge posters were a surprise. Yay ;p

Alright you know where I'll be this weekend - at KLPAC for our exhibition - if you wanna meet me get there after 12 pm ;)

Sunday I will be speaking at Shootfest - a photography unconference on indian weddings.

If you're coming let me know or if you see me there, do say hi ;)

In/Visible runs from 1 – 14 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm innocent my love!!!

I'm innocent my love!!! , originally uploaded by visithra.

I was walking out of KLPAC when a pair of eyes stared at me. I stood stunned at the beauty of those eyes, and dashed in to buy tickets to a show 1 month down the road.


Last night I finally saw the show. Mak Yong – Titis Sakti was amazing!

Based on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream, the dance musical had beautiful dances, amazing
charecterisation and provided such humour. We laughed our heads off.

How dare you!!

I loved the crowds reaction and interaction, the casts improvisation at times to the live show. There was one point one of the cast members accidentally laughed when she was supposed to be frozen, and immediately one of them exclaimed “eh power tak cukup ni” “eh my magics power is not enough”! Or at the beginning when someones phone rang and they made a snide remark on that.

I had so many favourites – the absolute favourties were the 2 comedian palace helpers (jester?), Cempaka Sari’s father, cempaka sari (the heroine), titis sakti,

Ahh she loves me

The father was going around the audience asking for his daughter, and at one point started asking me in English

“you see my daughter?” I said NO “Oh no you didn’t!” lol

I was wondering earlier why I was being flashed with a red light and I guess I was picked to answer.

The musics awesome, the relevance to current times comedy, the use of handphones and the right scenes for the adaption really worked. Eventhough its in a thick kelantanese slang, I could understand most of it!

Oh do buy the program book, I’m in love with the illustrations.

Don’t miss the show, it runs till this Sunday!

In/Visible runs from 1 – 14 June 2009 at KLPAC - Please sign up at our Facebook page here