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Y I don’t fly on MAS

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The last time I flew on MAS it was in 2003 not out of choice but because I was booked on it by the group I was performing with. I prefer flying with Air India or Air Asia depending on my destination.
There are a few reasons why I don’t fly with MAS.

1 They’re super expensive
In 2006 while I was nearly mislead by a MAS ad, my travel agent quickly pointed me to a better deal with Air India which was nearly half the price of what I’d have to pay on MAS’s “cheap deal”.
But you’re paying for quality…!!!!

2 What quality?
Sure the seats are nice, but has anyone ever loved food on an airplane? My friend just arrived via MAS over the weekend from Australia totally famished. First he had to wait for ever to be served his vegetarian meal and all he got was this little box with bits of average tasting food.

“I understand if it’s a small helping for Malaysians but when you’re flying out of a western country you should be serving bigger portions!” I agree.

Singapore airlines is definitely a different class in itself the food is delicious regardless of economy or first class and I have flown first class on an SG flight. Lets just say my brother and I didn’t sleep at all and were enjoying everything! While I haven’t tried Air Asia’s food, I’ve heard good stuff about their Nasi Lemak though every time I get on the flight back from my trip it’s sold out!

3 Great Service

Lol oh let me just laugh at this. The stewardesses on MAS are the rudest bunch regardless of where they’re flying from or to. They’ll either ignore you, look down on you or talk to you rudely. I have never had a good experience with anyone of them. Oh but I’ve seen them treat white people like gold, sigh grow out of the colonial mentality will ya! Err they do know they’re glorified waitresses right? The men are nice though.

Same friend tells me how he ended up having an argument with one of them over getting his meal only to be treated rudely. I told him he should have lodged a complaint but would it make a difference? People have been dishing MAS service for years!

My first flight (at 14) was on a SG one and I remember when we were landing I ended up crying from the intense pain in my ear. A stewardess immediately came to my aid to make sure I was ok. If I had been on MAS I’m sure my parents would have been told of for bringing up such a child!

I love the stewardess on Air Asia and and Air India/ Indian airlines.

The Air asia bunch are always smiling though they’re also on air sales people and did you know they don’t rest after each flight? They fly 4 5 times a day and still manage to remain cheery! Kudos to them.

The men are not gonna like me recommending the ladies on Air India/ Indian airlines since they’re usually older but hey I’d rather have someone smiling and treating me well then just another beautiful face.

Though I really haven’t seen any pretty face on MAS, they just look overly made up and pretentious!

The funny thing is when I used to take MAS we’d dress up well as my dad has a thing that you must look ur best when you travel! And you’d still get treated badly!

4 Flight delay

My first flight on MAS, our return trip was delayed and we weren’t informed. We ended up sitting inside a crowded uncomfortable waiting room for 4 hours not knowing when our flight would leave!

I know Air Asia used to be famous for delayed flights, but I believe they tend to inform you at some point well I’m not sure. Haven’t had the experience before. I actually landed earlier than scheduled both times I flew with them!

So I have enough reasons to not fly MAS and probably could find more.

MAS you really need to buck up or lose your customers!

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Bawani said...

got to agree with you! In Sept'07 I flew from Msia to US wif my 8mth old baby. The flight was delayed & we were stuck inside the plane for almost 2hrs- kept telling they were trying to check what was there problem. Finally made us change planes. And when got into the 2nd plane, my baby was crying for milk & when buzzed the stewardess for water (the security didnt let me take my water bottle at the gate), she was SOOOO rude & said she busy getting things ready for take off!! come on- i just wanted a baby just cried & ended up sucking her thumb till the water came :( poor baby! Hubby & I decided that NO more MAS for our travels!! That was our 1st & last...

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Visithra

Thank you for sharing your comments and highlighting your experience with us. It is a shame that you have this impression of us.

Going by your blog, I believe you have not flown with us in the last 5-6 years. In this time, we have had a new Managing Director at the helm, turned around the business, remained profitable in difficult times, won a few annual cabin crew awards, and have been aggressively running fare-related promotions; all while still remaining a five-star full service carrier.

I believe if you give us another chance, you will be pleasantly surprised!

As with your Australian friend, I am surprised to learn about his experience with our vegetarian meal. Frontline MAS staff has been given “tours” of what is served on board all our flights when it comes to vegetarian meals (as well as regular meals of various cultures). I have seen these portions and they have been quite generous, and tasty indeed.

Are you able to provide your friend’s details, for us to connect with him please?

You can find more information about booking these meals as well as some pictures here

Again, thank you for highlighting these concerns. We do hope that you will consider experiencing our products and services again given the improvements we have made in the recent years.

Yours sincerely
John Low
johnlow [at] malaysiaairlines [dot] com
Customer Response
Malaysia Airlines

visithra said...

Dear John

Thank you for taking the time to address the issues i've highlighted.

I do realize that MAS has been striving to upgrade its image and make itself more relevant to the current transportation industry changes.

While you may have won cabin crew awards, your cabin crew adhere to selective nice treatment, sidelining Asians over foreigners.

The commenter above Ms bawani travels from Switzerland back to Malaysia at least 2 times a year and please note her experience hasn’t changed much from what I’ve experienced 5 years ago.

My friend in Australia was here in April 2009 and again despite all the changes MAS has been striving to do, you’re being sidelined because of the attitude of your cabin crew.

My blog is read by visitors from around the world and look at it as a window into travelling across Asia and an information centre for Malaysian travel.

So I do suggest if you can find a solution for them in regards to the treatment of your cabin crew, you would highlight it here.

I will also forward your contact details to everyone who has complained about your services and hope to see improvement in the future.

All the best.