Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Kris won

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When Kris was picked as the 1st finalist to move on for the top 2 finale, I had a feeling he would end up winning idol. If you watched American Idol long enough you’ll realize they play with voters sentiment and don’t really tell you who’s actually leading on votes. I ended up writing my theory on twitter.

The assumption is always that the first person to be safe is the top voted in. And at most times they tend to put the favourites in the bottom 3 to push voting for the next week. American Idol maybe a talent show but it is also a super marketed contest. While most would accuse them of rigging the contest, I believe their marketing team plays games on the voters to push vote numbers.

Every week Kris was chosen last or was in the bottom three and that would have spiked his fans to vote more for him since they thought he would lose. But I don’t think that helped Kris’s confidence any bit. I think he was as surprised as most people to even be in the top 2.

There were 2 clear favourites all throughout the season as assumed by all. Any marketing team who saw the unassuming Kris getting high votes would have ensured they played with him and his fans.

There is no denying that Adam Lambert was a better singer miles away. He is going to be someone to reckon with plus he keeps reminding me of Elvis! His humbleness was very much evident throughout the contest.

He had fans screaming crazy over him but people forgot to take account of the conservative Americans.

Adam had a lot of things going against him. He was considered a social misfit with his eye make up, dark clothes, his choice of songs and rocker image. He fit right at home with KISS even without the 1 inch make-up.

Plus there was the talks about him being gay (it doesn’t matter to most of us but it does to conservative ppl) and that would have definitely hurt his chances.

Yes this is a singing competition but lets face the fact. Not everyone sees it as that. Emotions and sentiments do play a huge role in leaning the votes. For a lot of people they may feel its an image of America that they need to preserve.

If I’m not mistaken every past winner has been someone who projected religiousness, was very involved with church or had the approval of conservative America. Even Fantasia Barrino despite being a single mum (apparently this was bad), she was looked to be god fearing and that bodes well with most any day!

Nevertheless congrats to Kris and good luck to Lambert. As with Idol tradition, I’m sure Adam is gonna shine better than the winner. Hopefully he picks the right songs for his album.

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kenwooi said...

interesting review!
congrats to kris! =D