Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Streamyx Sucks!

Demon vanquished, originally uploaded by visithra.

I haven’t had the internet at home for 5 years. Well I had my reasons.

Anyway for the last year plus I’ve been toying with getting it reinstalled and was hoping P1 would kick off. Anyway long story cut short they still don’t offer their service in my place n even if I get it, the quality may suck coz I cannot place the pc near a window!

So 10 days back, over the weekend I registered for streamyx in a box with my local agent and by Monday it was all registered. All I had to do was wait for that box to turn up!

The whole week goes by without a sound and I finally call up my agent on Sunday and he said he would check on it for me. Monday comes and I finally get the box delivered.

But I had to attend a function on Monday so left meeting my agent to Tuesday, so yesterday evening I take it to his shop to get the modem programmed. You see I’ve got nice agents they look after their clients. He told me to bring the modem to him so he can check and configure it.

So there I was sitting and waiting and it was taking forever. The handphone shop owner whose a friend was making fun of me, saying I think the modem has a problem and I was going choy!

Turns out he was right!!!

So now I had to call up TM to get it solved. So I go home and give TM a call and they started asking me irrelevant questions and I was like what???? I stopped the guy mid sentence and told him wait you’re asking me too many irrelevant things here what’s my problem first.

So I took some 10 minutes to explain the problem and only then he began filling up the report.

First let me give props for the fast response (may have to do with me telling them if it doesn’t get solved this week I’m canceling it). But what use is fast response if you give me such lame responses?

I got a call this morning telling me I will have to go to TM Point to get the modem as my account is inactive. I was so dumbfounded I asked them –

How am I supposed to activate the account when your modem isn’t working?

And I’m sure the account information is not inside the modem? Lets not be stupid.

End of the conversation they still want me to go and pick it up from TM point!


I am this close to cancelling the stupid account!

I probably can live without the internet at home for another 5 years!

Ps : maybe I just need to vanquish them! I wish I had super human powers!

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KC said...

Chill lah... otherwise crow feet will start showing up on your face!

Just had my Streamyx in a box. You've to activate your account via sms!

visithra said...

yeah i know that - but useless to activate if i cant use the internet right? n god knows when i can get the modem

Pixelated Mo said...

i agree.... streamyx sucks!!!!!!!!!