Wednesday, May 06, 2009


When I first received my invite call, I was told I could bring a guess if they took part in the events. I sent out three smses asking are you a Star Trek fan? Turns out one friend had to decline my invite and Stars as he wouldn’t be in town. The other 2 both came back saying yes nearly simultaneously and not knowing what to do I called up The Star.

You sure your friend won’t cancel?

Nolah even if one does another will come – I’ve got two people who want to come!

Ok then bring both! ;p Yayyyyyyyyyy

Ps : note to self – if an event takes place at 1U leave 2 hours earlier so you will get a parking!

We arrived at 1U at the required time but we spent so much time circling we ended up being super late. Imagine the parking bays were all full! By chance I decided to stay away from the crowd and suddenly one guy takes out his car and voila we have a parking lot at the old wing!

My friend however who had arrived at 1.30pm only found parking at 2.50pm! yikes!

We rushed to Studio V – The Star’s new multimedia hub located at the rainforest on LG near Secret Recipe on the new wing! Phew that was a mouthful. We got in and were immediately handed playing cards which we were supposed to match and get to know our teammates. Was ours 9 of spades or clubs? Finding our team wasn’t an easy task coz imagine some 40 hands up in the air with their cards!

We needed to know our team mates names, blog ads and where they were from. My teammates were Jackie and Kruel. See it was a perfect ice breaking game coz we got to know each other pretty fast and we still remember what we learnt.

2 teams were called out to see who remembered their team mates best and both teamed got props for remembering every detail. Next up we were served a Star Trek themed lunch. We decided we’d wait it out and sit down and chat and find out more about each other.

In between I managed to finally go and register myself and collect our tickets – the precious Star Trek tickets ;p

Just as we were swallowing our last mouthful of galatical noodles, the treasure hunt rules and questions were handed out and we were flagged off. I didn’t have time to breath!

Some of the clues were pretty easy but the rest weren’t – the hardest and the missing link was one of the check in stations – we walked up and down, checked the 1u search engine and we still couldn’t find that one last place out of three. Later it turns out it was a food stall we had missed.

While some participants had fun taking part some were super serious and avoided us like the plague, most of us actually traded info so those people were funny to watch ;p

So we gave up and went back to find the quiz moving at super speed. I was amazed at the last 2 participants – their knowledge and confidence was so amazing, most times they’d answer before the question was over. I think nerves got the most of one of the guys and that’s why he lost. Kudos to both!

Another friend had wanted to come so I tried to see if there were any tickets left. I was told if I wanted I could have front row seats, and my friend didn’t mind! So he got to watch the movie too! ;p

I think my lucky bones only works for getting free tickets. I’ve never won anything bigger than that without doing anything and heck I wasn’t even lucky to win prized Star Trek pin lapels. Oh well I just went up to the ever helpful The Star staff and asked for posters and yayy I now have both Spock and Kirk posters!

Right after they announced the treasure hunt winners, we sneaked into Studio V and posed with the ENTERPRISE Captain’s chair. Damn those things are nice ;p there was even 2 cars with the NCC-1701 car number plates!

We reached the cinema and lined up for drinks. Unfortunately the guy behind the counter was one blur case, he was lucky we’re patient people. Since all handphones must be surrendered, we sent the other two with those and our gasp cameras! I refused to leave one of the lenses behind though!

Back to our interesting friend behind the counter. I tell him 1 7up, 2 cokes and 1 large coke combo. He says ok keys in something n goes – so you want 1 coke? You should have seen the look on both of our faces, so we slowly relisted the list and just as we think he’s done he goes what do you want with the combo? Lol oh well turns out the combo came with 2 drinks (this was new to me). Short of time we just took our orders and dashed for our date with the metal detector. Yeah I’ve never been frisked metal-ly at the cinema before!

Captain's chair Red Cute trekkie alert ;p Beyond PLaying

One of my friends kept telling me in case I fall asleep wake me up! I told him sure I’ll slap you ;p since we got seats in between the aisle and the next row of seats, we were all going ops if one of us falls asleep wake us up! ;p

There was no need to worry though right from the start the movie was amazing and super enganging. All our fears that Spock may come out too strong as Sylar was unfounded. He was perfect for the role (I had always thought he looked like spock). Actually every character fit perfectly though scotty was my absolute favourite! The whole movie though centrally focused on Spock and Kirk gives enough moments for all the characters making them essential to the movie something that was missing in the series.

There’s lots of humour and overall amazing work!

We actually clapped ;p

To add to our day, we came out to find X-Men characters in costume. And another friend waiting to go for the movie. He got them to pose for us.

We finally realized we were famished and headed for some Thai food.

Thanks again AMBP@ The Star for organizing such a fun event – I think you’ve got the recipe ;)

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