Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAS responds!

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I had complained about MAS services based on my experience and of my friends. I highlighted the post to MAS on Twitter and got this response here.

If you have more complains or suggestions email MAS customer care at

John Low
johnlow [at] malaysiaairlines [dot] com
Customer Response
Malaysia Airlines

or highlight them here ;)

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gina said...

Hey... I flew with MAS twice. Once to Kuching in 2005 and Bali in 2006. Kuching flight was fine, the food was great. We even had a nice selection of food to choose from. The air stewardesses were okay. On our way back, we were flown on a jumbo jet to Frankfurt via KL. So we got the chance to sit in international flight plane.. and it's really cool!

As for Bali - the flight was delayed 45 minutes. Then, I think they have a quod sharing flight with Garuda.. So, a few ppl came to our plane last minute, but it was okay. One thing I cannot tahan is, my luggage was ransacked!! Lucky they never steal my oversized undies!! LOL!

But then, this ransacking happened quite rampant. I flew with Air Asia to Shenzhen in 2007 and my luggage got ransacked too.

I just hope.. whichever airline, can they please take a look into such security. I hate it when this happens!

One airline which I would NEVER fly with is Jetstar. The air stewardesses are really arrogant.Maybe they think we Asians are low class people so, they have to speak rudely at us. And no point paying earlier for meals, coz they are always confused. Or maybe disorganized.

visithra said...

Gina : good to know you've had good experiences with MAS.

Luggage problems aren't really any airlines fault - that lies with the airport management. Flights from India are worse, your sealed bags are usually broken into.

that needs a post by itself lol