Monday, May 18, 2009

I may disagree!

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I have a few blogger friends who have at some point deleted their blogs. One of the main reasons they did so was because their friends were dictating what they can or can’t write or using information inside their blogs to judge them. I’m not talking about sleazy information, just their life in general, ideas, views, thoughts and activities.

I’ve had to face similar situations as well and it’s becoming tiresome. Most of what I write is usually inspirations or out of conversations I’ve had with people. Even this post is something that came out of a discussion with a few friends. We’re all lamenting the same thing. Why do I need permission to write what I want?

We’re not talking about posts that character assassinates a person rather posts on different views and thoughts. We’re not taking about posts about someone’s sex or love life. We complain older people are not opening up to new ideas and are still being super conservative and yet we ourselves remain the same. Everyone has different views and your view is rarely singular, someone else would have the same view. How is it degrading when a person decides to write a post on these views?

Here’s the funny thing. People accuse the government of controlling the media and not writing as it is but when it comes to their own selves they practice the same scrutiny they complain about!

I have very strong views about a lot of things. Some I’m more passionate about than others. I don’t believe in sitting down and watch people speak as they wish about issues I’m passionate about. If a person has a right to their own views and decides to say it, I have a right to disagree.

Apparently not.

We’re at the era where a once viewed as confidential acquisition correspondence are emailed to the press and here we have people who tell us what we can or can’t do.

I think this post will be my disclaimer, I don’t like being told what I can or can’t do. I think I need to custom make a car sticker that reads –

“Don’t have conversations with me, I may disagree and might even blog it!”

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KY said...

just another form of peer pressure I guess.

visithra said...

probably - emotional blackmailing more like it

Madhu said...

Not worth your time pondering on this. This is your blog and your thoughts - write as you please Visithra!

visithra said...

very true - hence y i decided to write this disclaimer ;)