Thursday, May 21, 2009


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I've been attending one arangetram after the other in the last week or so.

An arangetram is the solo or duo performance of a Indian classical dancer it means their ascend to stage.

Initially I only wanted to attend a few of the 7 arangetrams but when you’re involved with one you end up getting involved with all.

I realized I haven’t been updating this blog on what’s going on – though if you’re also following V-eyez you’ll realize what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been working on my cousins arangetram for the last few months – the whole production process from shooting her photos, designing her card and brochures, emotional support, inviting people, designing her d├ęcor and more.

Lost in thoughts .... Jumping in Joy

This weekend she ascends on stage and we’re starting to get nervous. So send us your positive vibes, I’m a strong believer of collective thinking.

Bharatham The invite – back

I’m not sure who inspired who but I love the photos I’ve gotten of her and all the invites and brochure. Good luck my little darling and will write more on the whole experience later.

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