Friday, May 29, 2009

God bless

God bless , originally uploaded by visithra.

I shot this a few weeks back and at the very last moment decided to exhibit this shot.

I was circling an industrial area watching foreign workers enjoy the public holiday.

I wasn’ t going to put this up till after the exhibition and then yesterday happened.

An old shopping complex which was set to be demolished collapsed due to an error in demolition. 9 workers were trapped in the rumble.

The news was broken on twitter first. News agencies only began filing the story nearly 40 minutes later and by then eye witness photos had been streaming in on Twitter.

What saddened me though was people’s reaction to the tragedy. People were super shocked to hear it go down. But when they were told that it had been abandoned for sometime and the victims were construction workers, most seemed to be less bothered and sighed with relief.

It’s still lives, and despite a persons job or nationality lives were lost today!
God bless them and their families.

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