Friday, May 29, 2009

God bless

God bless , originally uploaded by visithra.

I shot this a few weeks back and at the very last moment decided to exhibit this shot.

I was circling an industrial area watching foreign workers enjoy the public holiday.

I wasn’ t going to put this up till after the exhibition and then yesterday happened.

An old shopping complex which was set to be demolished collapsed due to an error in demolition. 9 workers were trapped in the rumble.

The news was broken on twitter first. News agencies only began filing the story nearly 40 minutes later and by then eye witness photos had been streaming in on Twitter.

What saddened me though was people’s reaction to the tragedy. People were super shocked to hear it go down. But when they were told that it had been abandoned for sometime and the victims were construction workers, most seemed to be less bothered and sighed with relief.

It’s still lives, and despite a persons job or nationality lives were lost today!
God bless them and their families.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Splendid, originally uploaded by venkatfotos.

I haven't written a poem for such a long time and then I got inspired by this photo by Venkat. What a stunning shot ;)

Maalai sehvanathil thillagam ithal mangai ;p

Iru puruvangal naduvhil maanika kahl pohl kathiravan jolhital

Aval kadhalan muzhumathiyai vandunirka

Ivalo vehkathil sivakka

Iru nimidha sandhipuku ithanai alangara chinnagal ethurku?

Athurtha sandhipu varai marpukuzhiyil muthiramai ohlirka

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Saguni , originally uploaded by visithra.

Is the most hated n loved character in the Mahabaratham. Hated for his cunningness loved for his brilliant cunningness. He expertly diced away the dignity and enslaved the pandavas that sparked the great war of the Mahabharatham.

I had the privilege to watch Kalaimamani Urmila Satyanarayanan perform her piece de resistance “Paanchali Sabatham” again.

All my life as an avid dance viewer, her performance of this very same piece in Chennai was the only performance that has moved me to tears – that’s how strong her portrayal of Paanchali is. She brought each character to life as she changed her expression and body movement effortlessly. With all that great knowledge and talent she remains such a humble person.

“Paanchali Sabatham” tells the story of how the Pandava queen ends up cursing the death of all the Gaurava’s after her dignity is saved by Lord Krishna when the Gaurava Prince Duriodhana tries to strip her in public. She vows to leave her hair unbound till she is avenged.

She was left to his predictment when her husband the Pandava king loses her in a game of dice in an attempt to win back his wealth, kingdom, brothers and his own self!

The Pandava’s went on to win the great war with the help of Lord Krishna and Paanchali’s vow was fulfilled. This is the core and driving force behind the epic Mahabharatha.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

“Oh Krishna did you enter my heart and enslaved me?

Was it when you feigned innocence as you stood next to your mother?

…… Eppadithan ehn ullam by OotukaaDu VenkaTasubbaiyyar

This was everyone’s personal favourite because her expressions were so adorable! She maximized the innocent she gives us all the time! ;p I wish I could show you guys her video maybe not now but soon I hope.

Lavin mesmerized the whole auditorium with her performance yesterday. As Kalaimamani Urmila Satyanarayanan our guest of honour said in her speech “She was so confident, innocent and showed such freshness. All her hardwork and practice was evident at every point.”

What more can I say. She made all of us proud, all our hard work, and all the crazyness and practically running around without food or drinks yesterday since 11am, preparing her venue and entertaining our guests. Her masters and the dance directors of the school were so proud of her.

Thank you so much for all your wishes and positive prayers it really helped. Oh btw a photo of Lavin that I shot was in the papers on Saturday ;)

Ps : will try to write a recap of the show soon ;)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Kris won

In between, originally uploaded by visithra.

When Kris was picked as the 1st finalist to move on for the top 2 finale, I had a feeling he would end up winning idol. If you watched American Idol long enough you’ll realize they play with voters sentiment and don’t really tell you who’s actually leading on votes. I ended up writing my theory on twitter.

The assumption is always that the first person to be safe is the top voted in. And at most times they tend to put the favourites in the bottom 3 to push voting for the next week. American Idol maybe a talent show but it is also a super marketed contest. While most would accuse them of rigging the contest, I believe their marketing team plays games on the voters to push vote numbers.

Every week Kris was chosen last or was in the bottom three and that would have spiked his fans to vote more for him since they thought he would lose. But I don’t think that helped Kris’s confidence any bit. I think he was as surprised as most people to even be in the top 2.

There were 2 clear favourites all throughout the season as assumed by all. Any marketing team who saw the unassuming Kris getting high votes would have ensured they played with him and his fans.

There is no denying that Adam Lambert was a better singer miles away. He is going to be someone to reckon with plus he keeps reminding me of Elvis! His humbleness was very much evident throughout the contest.

He had fans screaming crazy over him but people forgot to take account of the conservative Americans.

Adam had a lot of things going against him. He was considered a social misfit with his eye make up, dark clothes, his choice of songs and rocker image. He fit right at home with KISS even without the 1 inch make-up.

Plus there was the talks about him being gay (it doesn’t matter to most of us but it does to conservative ppl) and that would have definitely hurt his chances.

Yes this is a singing competition but lets face the fact. Not everyone sees it as that. Emotions and sentiments do play a huge role in leaning the votes. For a lot of people they may feel its an image of America that they need to preserve.

If I’m not mistaken every past winner has been someone who projected religiousness, was very involved with church or had the approval of conservative America. Even Fantasia Barrino despite being a single mum (apparently this was bad), she was looked to be god fearing and that bodes well with most any day!

Nevertheless congrats to Kris and good luck to Lambert. As with Idol tradition, I’m sure Adam is gonna shine better than the winner. Hopefully he picks the right songs for his album.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Grace, originally uploaded by visithra.

I've been attending one arangetram after the other in the last week or so.

An arangetram is the solo or duo performance of a Indian classical dancer it means their ascend to stage.

Initially I only wanted to attend a few of the 7 arangetrams but when you’re involved with one you end up getting involved with all.

I realized I haven’t been updating this blog on what’s going on – though if you’re also following V-eyez you’ll realize what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been working on my cousins arangetram for the last few months – the whole production process from shooting her photos, designing her card and brochures, emotional support, inviting people, designing her d├ęcor and more.

Lost in thoughts .... Jumping in Joy

This weekend she ascends on stage and we’re starting to get nervous. So send us your positive vibes, I’m a strong believer of collective thinking.

Bharatham The invite – back

I’m not sure who inspired who but I love the photos I’ve gotten of her and all the invites and brochure. Good luck my little darling and will write more on the whole experience later.

Ps : I’m on twitter

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Streamyx Sucks!

Demon vanquished, originally uploaded by visithra.

I haven’t had the internet at home for 5 years. Well I had my reasons.

Anyway for the last year plus I’ve been toying with getting it reinstalled and was hoping P1 would kick off. Anyway long story cut short they still don’t offer their service in my place n even if I get it, the quality may suck coz I cannot place the pc near a window!

So 10 days back, over the weekend I registered for streamyx in a box with my local agent and by Monday it was all registered. All I had to do was wait for that box to turn up!

The whole week goes by without a sound and I finally call up my agent on Sunday and he said he would check on it for me. Monday comes and I finally get the box delivered.

But I had to attend a function on Monday so left meeting my agent to Tuesday, so yesterday evening I take it to his shop to get the modem programmed. You see I’ve got nice agents they look after their clients. He told me to bring the modem to him so he can check and configure it.

So there I was sitting and waiting and it was taking forever. The handphone shop owner whose a friend was making fun of me, saying I think the modem has a problem and I was going choy!

Turns out he was right!!!

So now I had to call up TM to get it solved. So I go home and give TM a call and they started asking me irrelevant questions and I was like what???? I stopped the guy mid sentence and told him wait you’re asking me too many irrelevant things here what’s my problem first.

So I took some 10 minutes to explain the problem and only then he began filling up the report.

First let me give props for the fast response (may have to do with me telling them if it doesn’t get solved this week I’m canceling it). But what use is fast response if you give me such lame responses?

I got a call this morning telling me I will have to go to TM Point to get the modem as my account is inactive. I was so dumbfounded I asked them –

How am I supposed to activate the account when your modem isn’t working?

And I’m sure the account information is not inside the modem? Lets not be stupid.

End of the conversation they still want me to go and pick it up from TM point!


I am this close to cancelling the stupid account!

I probably can live without the internet at home for another 5 years!

Ps : maybe I just need to vanquish them! I wish I had super human powers!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Am I yours???

Am I yours???, originally uploaded by visithra.

Isn't he cute?

All animals are cute, I am a non veg - but that doesn't mean I condone the inhumane killings. hunting or abuse of animals.

For the last three weeks there's been a buzz with the case of villagers from an island town Pulau Ketam, abandoning stray dogs on their island on a nearby inhabitant swamp. These dogs were left to die.

I don’t blame the island people because I’m sure this was not their first resort but their final attempt at ridding their islands of a huge population of dogs. Still the dogs need to be saved.

TV Smith and friends have been using all means possible to rescue these animals. You can read more at his site and help save those dogs by donating and sending help anyway possible.

Why didn’t I write about this before? Because I know the issue will soon die and people will go one with their own lives! So spread the word again!

For info or enquiries:
The Rescue Mission Secretariat at +6012 378 3730 (Janet) or +6012 320 8090 (Zalina)

The Sec's E-mail is (see updates page for info)

The issue
The Rescue
The Updates

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Monday, May 18, 2009

I may disagree!

Closing, originally uploaded by visithra.

I have a few blogger friends who have at some point deleted their blogs. One of the main reasons they did so was because their friends were dictating what they can or can’t write or using information inside their blogs to judge them. I’m not talking about sleazy information, just their life in general, ideas, views, thoughts and activities.

I’ve had to face similar situations as well and it’s becoming tiresome. Most of what I write is usually inspirations or out of conversations I’ve had with people. Even this post is something that came out of a discussion with a few friends. We’re all lamenting the same thing. Why do I need permission to write what I want?

We’re not talking about posts that character assassinates a person rather posts on different views and thoughts. We’re not taking about posts about someone’s sex or love life. We complain older people are not opening up to new ideas and are still being super conservative and yet we ourselves remain the same. Everyone has different views and your view is rarely singular, someone else would have the same view. How is it degrading when a person decides to write a post on these views?

Here’s the funny thing. People accuse the government of controlling the media and not writing as it is but when it comes to their own selves they practice the same scrutiny they complain about!

I have very strong views about a lot of things. Some I’m more passionate about than others. I don’t believe in sitting down and watch people speak as they wish about issues I’m passionate about. If a person has a right to their own views and decides to say it, I have a right to disagree.

Apparently not.

We’re at the era where a once viewed as confidential acquisition correspondence are emailed to the press and here we have people who tell us what we can or can’t do.

I think this post will be my disclaimer, I don’t like being told what I can or can’t do. I think I need to custom make a car sticker that reads –

“Don’t have conversations with me, I may disagree and might even blog it!”

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

MAS responds!

Superman?, originally uploaded by visithra.

I had complained about MAS services based on my experience and of my friends. I highlighted the post to MAS on Twitter and got this response here.

If you have more complains or suggestions email MAS customer care at

John Low
johnlow [at] malaysiaairlines [dot] com
Customer Response
Malaysia Airlines

or highlight them here ;)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Peace , originally uploaded by visithra.

There’s a buddhist centre near my old house – the Nalanda – a centre based on sri lankan teachings. Different budhist practices from different countries have slightly different styles of workship – the Tibetian one is more similar to hinduism where Buddha is portrayed in various forms and devi plays a major role. I never found the time to go there till on Wesak Day, last Saturday.

It’s a very new centre and I was told it was started to offer students in the local univ (I live in a univ town) a place to workship and bond. What I liked about the place was they were very welcoming. Lights and flowers and food was given to all.

I’ve always loved the serenity of Buddha, I fell in love with one particular statue in chiang mai last year and was sitting in front of him forever. I’m also prone to sit and enjoy the chants of the workshipers – very soothing.

Few years back we had the opportunity to perform in a dance drama on Sidharta. Upon seeing our performance, the main buddhist vihara in KL invited us to perform again on the steps of their temple on a full moon day. It was one of our most memorable performance as there was just an amazing serenity to it facing the moon and performing to the world. Ps : was recovering from flu yesterday – feeling much better today

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Friday, May 08, 2009

Y I don’t fly on MAS

Take off, originally uploaded by visithra.

The last time I flew on MAS it was in 2003 not out of choice but because I was booked on it by the group I was performing with. I prefer flying with Air India or Air Asia depending on my destination.
There are a few reasons why I don’t fly with MAS.

1 They’re super expensive
In 2006 while I was nearly mislead by a MAS ad, my travel agent quickly pointed me to a better deal with Air India which was nearly half the price of what I’d have to pay on MAS’s “cheap deal”.
But you’re paying for quality…!!!!

2 What quality?
Sure the seats are nice, but has anyone ever loved food on an airplane? My friend just arrived via MAS over the weekend from Australia totally famished. First he had to wait for ever to be served his vegetarian meal and all he got was this little box with bits of average tasting food.

“I understand if it’s a small helping for Malaysians but when you’re flying out of a western country you should be serving bigger portions!” I agree.

Singapore airlines is definitely a different class in itself the food is delicious regardless of economy or first class and I have flown first class on an SG flight. Lets just say my brother and I didn’t sleep at all and were enjoying everything! While I haven’t tried Air Asia’s food, I’ve heard good stuff about their Nasi Lemak though every time I get on the flight back from my trip it’s sold out!

3 Great Service

Lol oh let me just laugh at this. The stewardesses on MAS are the rudest bunch regardless of where they’re flying from or to. They’ll either ignore you, look down on you or talk to you rudely. I have never had a good experience with anyone of them. Oh but I’ve seen them treat white people like gold, sigh grow out of the colonial mentality will ya! Err they do know they’re glorified waitresses right? The men are nice though.

Same friend tells me how he ended up having an argument with one of them over getting his meal only to be treated rudely. I told him he should have lodged a complaint but would it make a difference? People have been dishing MAS service for years!

My first flight (at 14) was on a SG one and I remember when we were landing I ended up crying from the intense pain in my ear. A stewardess immediately came to my aid to make sure I was ok. If I had been on MAS I’m sure my parents would have been told of for bringing up such a child!

I love the stewardess on Air Asia and and Air India/ Indian airlines.

The Air asia bunch are always smiling though they’re also on air sales people and did you know they don’t rest after each flight? They fly 4 5 times a day and still manage to remain cheery! Kudos to them.

The men are not gonna like me recommending the ladies on Air India/ Indian airlines since they’re usually older but hey I’d rather have someone smiling and treating me well then just another beautiful face.

Though I really haven’t seen any pretty face on MAS, they just look overly made up and pretentious!

The funny thing is when I used to take MAS we’d dress up well as my dad has a thing that you must look ur best when you travel! And you’d still get treated badly!

4 Flight delay

My first flight on MAS, our return trip was delayed and we weren’t informed. We ended up sitting inside a crowded uncomfortable waiting room for 4 hours not knowing when our flight would leave!

I know Air Asia used to be famous for delayed flights, but I believe they tend to inform you at some point well I’m not sure. Haven’t had the experience before. I actually landed earlier than scheduled both times I flew with them!

So I have enough reasons to not fly MAS and probably could find more.

MAS you really need to buck up or lose your customers!

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

in/Visible - 1-14 June 2009 KLPAC

in/Visible, originally uploaded by visithra.

You're invited to my second photography exhibition from 1-14 June 2009 at KLPAC. Now you know what I'v been busy with. ;)

Here's the gist of what we will be showing ;)

We often breeze through life seeing things without connecting to our surroundings. The duality of our surroundings is revealed, only when we stop, for a moment, and view through unclouded eyes.

Shot in various places across Malaysia, using Canon point and shoot; and DSLR cameras, the exhibition aims to capture the spirit of the photographers, Visithra and Kervin who have found a convergence in photography through a shared passion in life.

Join the facebook event page ;) spread the news ;p


Attendance to the exhibition is FREE of charge.

Visithra Manikam

Kervin Chong

ps : im now on twitter ;p

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


When I first received my invite call, I was told I could bring a guess if they took part in the events. I sent out three smses asking are you a Star Trek fan? Turns out one friend had to decline my invite and Stars as he wouldn’t be in town. The other 2 both came back saying yes nearly simultaneously and not knowing what to do I called up The Star.

You sure your friend won’t cancel?

Nolah even if one does another will come – I’ve got two people who want to come!

Ok then bring both! ;p Yayyyyyyyyyy

Ps : note to self – if an event takes place at 1U leave 2 hours earlier so you will get a parking!

We arrived at 1U at the required time but we spent so much time circling we ended up being super late. Imagine the parking bays were all full! By chance I decided to stay away from the crowd and suddenly one guy takes out his car and voila we have a parking lot at the old wing!

My friend however who had arrived at 1.30pm only found parking at 2.50pm! yikes!

We rushed to Studio V – The Star’s new multimedia hub located at the rainforest on LG near Secret Recipe on the new wing! Phew that was a mouthful. We got in and were immediately handed playing cards which we were supposed to match and get to know our teammates. Was ours 9 of spades or clubs? Finding our team wasn’t an easy task coz imagine some 40 hands up in the air with their cards!

We needed to know our team mates names, blog ads and where they were from. My teammates were Jackie and Kruel. See it was a perfect ice breaking game coz we got to know each other pretty fast and we still remember what we learnt.

2 teams were called out to see who remembered their team mates best and both teamed got props for remembering every detail. Next up we were served a Star Trek themed lunch. We decided we’d wait it out and sit down and chat and find out more about each other.

In between I managed to finally go and register myself and collect our tickets – the precious Star Trek tickets ;p

Just as we were swallowing our last mouthful of galatical noodles, the treasure hunt rules and questions were handed out and we were flagged off. I didn’t have time to breath!

Some of the clues were pretty easy but the rest weren’t – the hardest and the missing link was one of the check in stations – we walked up and down, checked the 1u search engine and we still couldn’t find that one last place out of three. Later it turns out it was a food stall we had missed.

While some participants had fun taking part some were super serious and avoided us like the plague, most of us actually traded info so those people were funny to watch ;p

So we gave up and went back to find the quiz moving at super speed. I was amazed at the last 2 participants – their knowledge and confidence was so amazing, most times they’d answer before the question was over. I think nerves got the most of one of the guys and that’s why he lost. Kudos to both!

Another friend had wanted to come so I tried to see if there were any tickets left. I was told if I wanted I could have front row seats, and my friend didn’t mind! So he got to watch the movie too! ;p

I think my lucky bones only works for getting free tickets. I’ve never won anything bigger than that without doing anything and heck I wasn’t even lucky to win prized Star Trek pin lapels. Oh well I just went up to the ever helpful The Star staff and asked for posters and yayy I now have both Spock and Kirk posters!

Right after they announced the treasure hunt winners, we sneaked into Studio V and posed with the ENTERPRISE Captain’s chair. Damn those things are nice ;p there was even 2 cars with the NCC-1701 car number plates!

We reached the cinema and lined up for drinks. Unfortunately the guy behind the counter was one blur case, he was lucky we’re patient people. Since all handphones must be surrendered, we sent the other two with those and our gasp cameras! I refused to leave one of the lenses behind though!

Back to our interesting friend behind the counter. I tell him 1 7up, 2 cokes and 1 large coke combo. He says ok keys in something n goes – so you want 1 coke? You should have seen the look on both of our faces, so we slowly relisted the list and just as we think he’s done he goes what do you want with the combo? Lol oh well turns out the combo came with 2 drinks (this was new to me). Short of time we just took our orders and dashed for our date with the metal detector. Yeah I’ve never been frisked metal-ly at the cinema before!

Captain's chair Red Cute trekkie alert ;p Beyond PLaying

One of my friends kept telling me in case I fall asleep wake me up! I told him sure I’ll slap you ;p since we got seats in between the aisle and the next row of seats, we were all going ops if one of us falls asleep wake us up! ;p

There was no need to worry though right from the start the movie was amazing and super enganging. All our fears that Spock may come out too strong as Sylar was unfounded. He was perfect for the role (I had always thought he looked like spock). Actually every character fit perfectly though scotty was my absolute favourite! The whole movie though centrally focused on Spock and Kirk gives enough moments for all the characters making them essential to the movie something that was missing in the series.

There’s lots of humour and overall amazing work!

We actually clapped ;p

To add to our day, we came out to find X-Men characters in costume. And another friend waiting to go for the movie. He got them to pose for us.

We finally realized we were famished and headed for some Thai food.

Thanks again AMBP@ The Star for organizing such a fun event – I think you’ve got the recipe ;)

Ouch did something bite you?

Don't know, originally uploaded by visithra.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ashton Kutcher and CNN’s bid to educate the public on prevention of illness and death caused by mosquitoes’ by creating a race to 1 million followers.

Well you can do the same here in Malaysia, MozzieSafe is an international mosquito netting and educational programme whose main aim is to help prevent illness and death caused by mosquitoes - the most deadly disease vectors known to man. Mosquitoes have killed millions of people over thousands of years and continue to kill millions per year by the spread of diseases.

Yes you’ve heard a million times and its still a problem more dire in certain countries. Every year a number of Malaysians still succumb to Denggi fever. My schoolmate passed away of Denggi when I was 17 so yes it can happen to anyone!

The Rotary Club of Gombak and its Foundation which operates in Kuala Lumpur will be organizing the MozzieSafe Special Charity First-Day Screening of “Angels & Demons on 14 May 2009, at GSC One Utama.

You can find out more about Mozziesafe here, at their Facebook page, make them one of your causes, and sign up for the event.

b) the MozzieSafe Facebook Page

c) the MozzieSafe Facebook Causes Page,

d) the MozzieSafe “Angels & Demons” Events Page

You can also Sponsor A Net by Donate a net for just US$10 or donate a Box of 10 Nets with educational materials for US$100. US$10 will provide a box of 10 nets that will help protect up to 20 people for up to five years!

You can also request nets for communities that you think may need them

Spread the word on their cause and you stand a chance to win a trip for two to London.

Tickets can also be purchased at any of their Partner Outlets - Jarrod & Rawlins, Sid’s Neighbourhood Pubs or Nam Lee Cheong.