Friday, April 10, 2009

The Madman's diary

At the spur of the moment I watched the one act play the Madmans Diary after Gogol by Will Gluth and directed by Joe Hasham at KLPAC yesterday. It got a standing ovation! That's how good it was – go watch it if you can, the brilliant acting, the continuity, he had us captivated and that simple set, wow

The light was so amazing I so wished I had a camera. I was sitting next to a photog who was taking the most weirdest compositions. I wonder if he was shooting n cropping later? But errr hummm I was so tempted to take the camera from him and shoot this one shot I had in mind arggggggggggg.

I had been there to eavesdrop on the reaction to our exhibition and decided I’ll catch it instead of having dinner ;p

Reaction: our feedback pages are full of lovely comments (we need more pages) and its super fun to watch people tell each other which were their favourites. There were snide remarks from a group of photographers – on the grounds of we can shoot that too ;) lol the usual

Yayyyyy ;p

ps : its a busy month at KLPAC so many things to watch and of course our exhibition as well ;)

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