Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Linky time

I actually read a lot of tech news. Mostly because that has become my industry but truly because some of those stuff are so damn interesting. Some of the news are old as i wrote this post a few weeks back ;p

Someone finally solved those drunk dial episodes! Maybe it can be used for emo dialing and blogging ;p

I hate the new facebook design. So does 94% of users.

Don’t panic – Gmail’s got a panic button.

I’ve got a series on the ridiculous AIG bonuses and would you believe a few months back the same thing happened with Merrill Lynch and no one blinked???

Technology screwed up.

Apparently if your kid walks on the street you could get arrested! Yikes our parents are criminals!

I want a US100 home too!

For once the camera shot the photos and all they needed was a P&S in space. ;p

oh for photos we shot - go check out our exhibition ;p

we will be there during the weekends ;)

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