Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All gods are same

Religion to me is the same – a kind of belief based on faith regardless of which kind you’re part of. Even atheism is a form of religion if you ask me as they believe in the wonders of nature and the credibility of science.

All gods are the same to me as they’re based on nearly do same principals – the basic principal that is – do good to others and be humane.

What I don’t get is when the devotees turn into over zealous fanatics and try to convince everyone they know to convert with them.

When my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure numerous Christian groups knocked our door telling us to convert as Jesus would save us.

Now I have nothing against Christianity but I believe all gods do the same thing. You believe in them, have faith and hope for the best. And I’ve seen miracles happen in my life, heck I have one that happens everytime I’m in dire need for reassurance.

So why is there a need to claim your god is better than mine or vice versa?

Then there are the atheist. I had an uncle who had recently become an atheist well he jumped religion a few times and last I heard was still jumping. Anyways he insisted that if we hadn’t believed in god my dad wouldn’t be sick!

I know I was just 15 then but even I knew that was a load of bull. I think I told him, wait till you get the flu I’ll ask you why you believed in god!

All gods are the same regardless of which religion, so stop preaching yours is better than anothers!